School of Fail

The College Struggle Is Real

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    Let's Hear it for the Sleepiest of School Goers!

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    It's Been a Long Night of Studying...You Stagger to Class

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    You're tired, you're hungry, you're poor... The Statue of Liberty would love you right now.
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    Your Exhaustion Leads You to Bargaining

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    But your teachers don't relent, days begin to bleed together.
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    You Start Bargaining With Yourself

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    You just can't take it anymore. You smell so much your stench is keeping yourself awake. You've got 20 bucks left in your pocket, you know what you have to do.
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    You Try Bargaining With Your Teachers Again.

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    It doesn't work and that 20 bucks is gone. Professors have a universal no refund policy.
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    Then Your Friend Wants You to Go Out With Them

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    But your last 20 bucks is gone and you can hear your tummy rumbling.
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    And Your Parents Certainly Don't Understand.

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    In your starvation you swear you had some food saved for just this occasion... but...
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    You Find Out Your Roomate Learned to Crack Locks

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    and that leftover quesadilla is no where to be found.
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    So You Turn to Your Rich Friend to Help

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    Thank god they don't mind taking pity on you.


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