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5 Easter Gifts That Will Scar Your Kids for Life

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    The Zom-Bunny

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    Sure, it's kind of cute, but you don't want to teach your kids that it's ok to eat a zombie, because that's another way you get turned into a zombie. Plus you shouldn't eat long dead rabbit. It's full of parasites.
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    The Creepy Egg Baby

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    Cute? Maybe. Creepy? A little.
    But please, don't teach your children they came from an egg. Give them the facts, and they'll appreciate you more for it.
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    Killer Bunnies

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    Yep, leave these furry guys in your toddler's room and they're guaranteed to be sleeping in your bed for quite a while.
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    Pitchfork & Bunny

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    Farmers and bunnies don't mix. But your kids don't need to know that. Unless they already know about Little Bunny Foo Foo. But in that story there isn't a pitchfork stabbing, just brain damage.
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    Easter may not be the time to tell your 4 year old son about menstruation. It's better to save that talk for Christmas.


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