18 Hilarious Photos That Perfectly Sum Up Your Life

  • 1
    Brazilian jiu-jitsu - - When you see water on the floor and you've got socks on
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  • 2
    Cat - When you enter a room but forget what you wanted to do
  • 3
    Kitchen - When you try baking something you saw on Pinterest
  • 4
    Photography - When you open a bag of lays chips and there's only like 5
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  • 5
    Face - when you touch wet food in the sink Brow Eye Lid
  • 6
    Cartoon - when u hold the mcdonalds bag and eat fries out of everyone else's then get home and take the one with the most fries
  • 7
    Room - We all know "the chair"
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  • 8
    Dog - When you're swimming and suddenly touch seaweed with your toes
  • 9
    Vehicle door - "When ya momma know she about to hit the brakes hard, but she swear that hand can save you"
  • 10
    Dog breed - When your grandma tell your mom to leave you alone
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  • 11
    Text - when ur relative offers u money and u pretend like u cant take it at first
  • 12
    Text - when you gotta get up for school and you sit on the bed for 20min like this
  • 13
    Facial expression - When your mom's on the phone with a relative and says, Oh he's right here do u want to talk to him? Please don't do this.
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  • 14
    Face - When it says 4-7 business days to ship and you hoped it was 4, but it's looking like its gone be 7:
  • 15
    Footwear - Leaving a house with pets...
  • 16
    Art - When you're so high you roll your mate into a joint X
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  • 17
    Product - When u got a paper due at midnight but ball is life ODDOMINICUNIVERSIT
  • 18
    Bikini - Ok yeah but who's happier


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