Redditor Decorates Drab Office In Post-It Note Superheroes

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    What Do You Do With Your Drab Office Walls?

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    These blank walls were leaving people uninspired.
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    Step 1: Create The Grids

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    Pixel art translates well to post-it notes.
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    Working on Wonder Woman

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    All that was left was the actual labor.
    "Some wonderful people in my office volunteered to come in over the weekend to install the mural. First thing we did was line the top row of every character panel. Then we used those to measure 2 foot (8 post-its) vertical grids spanning the whole wall.We taped them out to keep the grid as straight as possible, since there were a lot of helpers and the wall was huge. It felt daunting at first. It's a very slow process, but we powered through."
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    Teamwork is Key

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    The Completed Project

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    Good Job Team

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    This is what a budget of $300, ingenuity and a little elbow grease can get you.


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