Viral TikTok of Policeman Delivering a DoorDash Order After Arresting the Driver for 'Warrants He Didn't Take Care Of' Sparks Debate


Anastasia Elsinger only has one TikTok so far and it's all she needs. With already over 8 million views, she's gathered 21k followers from just this one saga. The story it unfolds has instantly made her viral and for good reason. The video is a recording from her Ring security system and shows a policeman delivering her Arby's order. Apparently, the officer had just arrested her DoorDash delivery driver for “warrants he didn't take care of” and he figured he'd "complete the DoorDash” for her. The woman is laughing the entire time from what seems to be a combination of nerves and also hilarity from the situation—but TikTok viewers are turning this video into a chaotic discussion on the role of the police.


“I know I'm not who you were expecting…”


Some viewers think the trending TikTok is an innocent video that shows how cops are good people. Completing a task that he didn't actually have to do and giving a woman her food, even though it's not in his job description. Yet, this intended-feel good video is turning into a heated debate on police and their roles in society. 


So far the only thing everyone is pro on is getting food delivered… 


And of course, there's always somebody who finds a man in uniform hot… 


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