30 Downright Insane Idiots That Should Be Banned From Facebook Permanently

The morons that follow in this list should NEVER be allowed to spread their sheer stupidity and insane ideas across social media. They should be banned for life.

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    Hey, it worked for Steve Jobs. Right?

    Shoulder - 11 November at 11:12-Brisbane, QLD- CANCER AND DISEASE IS YOUR BODY TRYING TO SAVE YOU Allow me to possibly challenge your beliefs about cancer and other diseases. What if these conditions were not actually bad at all? What if they were created by the body to help save you? What if disease is your body's survival mechanism? Being open-minded and changing your perspective around what disease actually is and why it's happening, will allow you to take back control of your health and real
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    When you REALLY don't like your neighbors...

    Gun - AR-15 Nation 55 minutes ago Letting my teenage daughter shoot the AR for the first time today! Teach 'em young and teach 'em right! 4
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    This lady tried to cremate her pet in an oven...

    Text - hour ago Omg word of advice, NEVER try to cremate your deceased pet in your oven!!!! Not only is it the worst smell imaginable they do not turn to ashes they just burn...this day did not start off good!
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    Via Krzyszu

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    There's literally one in your hand...

    Nose - out an hour ago via IOS THE ONE NIGHT WE DIDNT HAVE A WINE OPENER Like Comment Stop Notifications Share kes this. Wait, what? You know that the corkscrew is next to your friend's ring finger on the swiss army knife right? ago Like
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    Via smosh

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    "I was engaged to a 7 year old on 9/11"

    Text - 3 hrs Happy 23rd birthday to my beautiful fiancé, hope you are looking down on form the heavens and smiling with those big white teeth of yours! Still can't believe it's been nearly 16 years since that fateful day they took you away from meI would give anything to have you back in my arms again babe, sleep tight and I love you so much! #myangel #september11th2001 #neverforget #beautiful Like Comment Share O403 Thinking of you on this sad day devon xox Like Reply 2 hrs Thank you jen, much

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    Thanks for the update.

    Face - added 4 new photos at May 19 at 2:45pm makin a deposit at taco bell! 1692 890 39
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    You sure did dude...

    Skin - May 9 Like Comment Share 24 God you are so pretty Like Reply 17 hes the one whom holds you at night is a very luck and fortunate person Like Reply 17 hrs Thank you but No one holds me at night Like Reply 17 hrs if you every feel as tho you would like a kind and loving soul to hold you and lay next too you, "spooning its just nice some imes to have those feelings run through your body, I miss it some imes but love can be so damn complicated at times Im in the same relationship as you are i
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    Via izismile

  • 8

    Her horse weighs as much as an elephant?

    Text - Angel Baby Dal fuck you, my horse weighs 15,000 lbs (almost 7000kg) 9:15 PM And we got papers on her telling us her weight Hahaha my horse broke my toes The record for weight is 3336 in England How? She stepped on them and twisted and wouldn't get off my Okay well this horse isn't from here Abby you can't be calling me a lair when I have damn toes and I had no shoes on papers in this bitch. You haven't had horses your whole life and you sure don't know everything about a horse honey so ki
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  • 9

    Stop letting this woman buy cats...

    Text - Whenever I see a cat with a collar, I take it off. I do this since childhood. The cats are ALWAYS thankful And if a cat decides to leave you and your household, a collar will not hold her back anyways 8 hours ago Like Reply
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    Yeah, looks great.

    Selfie - 33 minutes ago near | Love this lipstick colour 39 Likes 16 Comments Like Comment Share 9 News Feed Requests Messages Notifications More

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    Church lady needs an IMMACULATE transportation miracle...

    Text - December 16 at 7:56pm So pissed!!!! Iso: transporation for 20 ppl from MSP monday morning!!! Like Comment 7 Bus Lines Try Like Reply 2 December 16 at 8:00pm yeah nope costs money!! NEXT!! Like Reply December 16 at 8:02pm Edited So you're expecting almost 100 miles worth of mass transit for 20 people from a complete stranger for free? good luck with that Like Reply December 16 at 8:15pm . Write a reply... GIF its for a church honey! just looking for help dont need the attitude! NEXT! Like
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  • 12

    Better watch out ladies...

    Face - Leanne 13 hrs Follow The sun is out and im feeling ok i think im gonna fuck your man today #mushroomdicktattoo OO2.6K 7.5K Comments 364 Shares Like Comment Share
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    HE DID IT!

    Text - 1.2k> Beckie Bless our Lord and Savior Donald Trump for stopping global warming and giving us winter back. Praise Jesus. D 111 Like Reply 21h View 7 previous replies
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    Via katiecski

  • 14

    The HR department must be internally screaming...

    Text - hrs Visiting mum at work trying to piss off our cook now that's restuarant humor and yes he was black and no. .Im not racist Like Comment Ou 15 If you're not racist, why would you even do this to try to piss of the cook? Only somebody with racist thoughts would even think of this Unlike Reply9 3hrs sometimes no lawyer can defend rednecks Like Reply 35 mins Wite a reply This is the most ignorant thing ive seen all day Unlike Reply 10 3 hrs E for effort, F for fucking idiot Like Reply 13 2
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    Via izismile

  • 15

    Flat earth > family

    Text - New member Yesterday at 19:59 This is my first "Christmas" without my family. After 25 years of marriage, I could not stay married to a woman who refused to seek the truth. She and my kids refuse to look at the Flat Earth Truths that I have shared with them. I encouraged them to research for themselves, but they treat me like I'm crazy. I just couldn't take it anymore. Is anyone else out there dealing with spending Christmas alone? To me, it's better than spending it with my family of Glo
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  • 16

    "Straight from the tap."

    Text - Maureen Yesterday at 12:07pm Raw milk is the BEST! YUMMM!! http://articles.mercola.com/.../07/09/the-devil-in-the-milk.a... Like Comment Share l prefer my breast milk straight from the tap. Oh yea Ed Like Reply 1 22 hrs Christy Note to self, don't stand close to Ed for awhile Like Reply 1 21 hrs Ed Like Reply 21 hrs Yes please Write a reply... Write a comment..
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    Via piximus

  • 17


    Cable - *FMaybe you wouldn't have been sexually assaulted if you were at home making a meal for your husband? Just now Like Reply I was 8 years old Just now Like Reply
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    Via whacafan

  • 18


    Shoulder - 1144 likes Why are the drinking fountains so short in Europe?
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    Via kickvick

  • 19

    That totally happened.

    Text - November 11 at 9:17am Philadelphia, PA Last week I corrected my professor in Art History class and she took it pretty hard. I basically proved her knowledge wrong and got thrown out of class for it! Thankfully rest of the students protested this move and followed me out. They asked me to hold the next "class" at my house and teach them the next chapter. Eventually we all went to the deparment head and complained so the teacher is now suspended and I have an A in the class. Like Comment Sh
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    Via dearzoez

  • 20

    How dare innocent people walk across the street...

    Text - Follow Muslims are out in full force at the scene of the NYC #ISIS attack today rubbing it in everyone's face. Aimlessly walking around in hijabs. 9:36 AM - 1 Nov 2017 from 200 Chambers Street 1,202 Retweets 1,767 Likes 1.2K 6.5K 1.8K
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    Ok this is Twitter. Whatever.

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    This guy who was concerned for his health...

    Text - Ben & Jerry's Brent 2 hrs You guys put weed killer in ice cream? I guess Been and Jerry are a couple of morons? I hope you idiots go bankrupt. 1 Share Like Share Comment Be the first person to like this Christopher Dihydrogen monoxide is the main ingredient in most weed killers. I understand it is in almost everything B&J's make 23 minutes ago Like Reply Brent That's crazy! And that is legal how?? 7 minutes ago Like Reply Stephan Neidenbach Brent DHMO is a "natural" chemical. So despite c
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    DHMO (Dihydrogen Monoxide) = H20

  • 22


    Text - US National Weather Service Norman Oklahoma October 21 at 6:53pm TURN OFF THE DOPPLER OR WE WILL HOLD YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES OR LOSS OF LIFE. Comment Share Like and 196 others Chronological 83 Shares That's.. that's not how it works Like Reply O 33 23 hrs RF WEAPONS Like Reply 14 23 hrs 6 Replies 5 mins Really? RF weapons? Radio frequency is everywhere. Did you also tear the radio antenna off of your vehicle? What about wireless internet? Your phone is a beacon for RF Like Reply
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  • 23

    Wait. What?

    Product - 1,430 likes Turns out I wasnt pregnant I just had a fever and that online survey I did was just a scam to get pictures of my vergina and butthole so l'm selling my crib on Craias List. DM for details
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    Via flamandss

  • 24

    Someone needs to check on this edgelord

    Text - 1 hr- Honestly yeah if it came to it I would shoot people in my school haha it's easy for me to get a gun from my cousin who's in the military, all id have to do is say I'm using it for hunting so yeah before school ends y'all better treat me a bit better or you know. .bang bangX Like Comment [.the fuck Like Reply 10 1 hr plan is foiled now that you've put it on Facebook wtf seriously for everyone to see you nutcase Like Reply 37 46 mins | think so? Ha alright 1-36 mins Like-Reply BP Writ
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  • 25

    WHAT. THE. F*CK.

    Text - Yesterday at 10:58 PM I took a picture of my wife I was ramming her like I do regularly while 1 This is the most horrible picu got of me lol well at least u fuck me good Reply Like Yesterday at 10:59 PM 1 View 4 previous replies I will Tf? Replies Damn right I fuck you good Like Yesterday at 11:01 PM Yum babe I remember how hard u jizzed in me Like Yesterday at 11:01 PM 1 Mmmm-mmm Like Yesterday at 11:02 PM Mmm you gotta do it tomorrow to Like Yesterday at 11:03 PM 1 I will Yesterday at 1
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    Via Krzyszu

    That's enough internet for the day.

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    This mom sharing a post encouraging rape...

    Hair - shared Fuck you, Fuck them Fuck everybody 2's photo Yesterday at 6:40 PM Fuck you, Fuck them Fuck everybody 2 October 30 at 7:00 PM WHYDIDNT HOT TEACHERS FUCK STUDENTS WHENIWAS IN SCHOOL? AND WHY CANTTHESE UNAPPRECIATIVE LITTLE DICKHEADS KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUTABOUT IT?
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    There sure are Ben. There sure are.

    Text - Ben 2 hrs fuck man there are some clingy ass girls in this world like goddamn Like Comment Share 21 Jessica 4ack to Facebook 221 PM Ben Ac Recent Z015-04-27 648 PM Hey 2015-55-04, a04 PM Hey 2015-05-00, ce AM Hey Z015-95-12, 256PM Hey z015-05-30, 123 PM Hey 2015-00-04,a 27 9M Hey a Aa 1 hour ago Unlike 34 Reply Daphné E82 245 PM Ben Recent (6) was atolen Yeah it was Hey Heu Hey e1, Hey AN P hey E1124 hey Aa 48 minutes ago Unlike 26 Reply Anika T20%O 6:02 PM Ben Acve ag AY hey AN 13 AT M h
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  • 28
    Text - Politics and Sociology Confederacy 6 hrs PEARL HARBOR was an inside job, there's no way Japanese planes could've flown THIS distance in 1931. Wake up retards and realise your government has been lying to you, JAPAN is innocent
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    Text - Jan 6 at 6:40pm. Why cannot T have some sort of sex with the women my taxes are supporting? Like Share Comment
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    Via WestBrink

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    That's an... Interesting choice.

    Skin - .ooo Verizon e 1 63% 8:38 AM Afacebook.com Mein Rampt Finally got the tattoo I've been waiting for!! Mein Kampf Mein herz ist Mein Kampf Mobile Uploads Yesterday at 5:50pm View Full Size More Options Like Comment Share 4 My struggle! Yesterdav at 5:56pm Like 1- Reply More
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