You Can Now Enjoy a Fresh Craft Beer On Tap...At Home

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    A German company called KRUPS, which makes Nespresso machines, is the company behind the tap system.

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    Each TORP (or canister) placed inside the Hopsy produces four pints of beer which will stay cold, carbonated and fresh for up to two weeks.

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    Your TORPs of beer are delivered in the mail and after turning on the machine, you place a 67-oz. TORP of beer inside. Then you attach the spout to the tap, close the door, and as you would with a Keurig, sit back and relax until the light turns green.

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    the SUB® is the only appliance on the market that allows you to enjoy beer from HOPSY's craft brewery partners the way it was intended to be enjoyed; draft, fresh, and perfectly chilled.

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    Check it out in action in the video below:


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