40 of the Most Ridiculous Examples of Video Game Logic

  • 1

    Red Dead Redemption Logic

    Meme about video game logic and how you can survive a shotgun blast to the chest, but then die instantly when horse goes into the river.
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  • 2

    Batman Logic

    Meme about video game logic and how Batman never kills anyone, rather just throws razor blades at their face.
  • 3

    Vice City Logic

    Meme about how girl at the club keeps dancing after everyone is dead.
  • 4

    The Evil Within Logic

    Meme about video game logic and how the enemy can have railroad spike in his skull, but one stab to the head kills it instantly.
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  • 5

    Cortana Logic

    Meme about video game logic and how Cortana gets older and more unstable, but younger and hotter at the same time.
  • 6

    Black Ops II Logic

    Meme about Black Ops II video game logic and how you can be fighting in a yacht and call in an airstrike
  • 7

    Ocarina of Time Logic

    Funny meme about Ocarina and how the slingshot and boomerang would have rotted, but the milk is still good.
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  • 8

    Cerulean City Logic

    Meme about Cerulean city and the logic of going through a devastated family's house to get out of the town.
  • 9

    Modern Warfare 2 Logic

    Meme about some of the logic in the game Modern Warfare 2
  • 10

    Diablo III Logic

    Meme about the questionable gaming logic of Diablo III
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  • 11

    Titanfall Logic

    Funny meme about the game logic of Titanfall in which a kick to the shin is the same as 2 shotgun blasts to the face.
  • 12

    Assassin's Creed II Logic

    Meme pointing out the logical error of Assasin's Creed falls
  • 13

    Master Chief Logic

    Master Chief video game logic of being able to flip 66 ton tank but can't control pistol recoil
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  • 14

    Tomb Raider Logic

    Tomb Raider logic of going into ancient cave and finding machine gun upgrade.
  • 15

    Sonic Logic

    Funny meme about how Sonic the Hedgehog can run at the speed of sound, but can't catch overweight Dr Robotnik
  • 16

    Kratos Logic

    Meme about the logic of Kratos and how he can destroy gods with his hands but can't open a wooden door.
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  • 17

    Skyrim Logic

    Skyrim meme about the logic of the game and YSGRAMOR
  • 18

    Uncharted 3 Logic

    Meme about how in Unchartered 3, a tomb sealed for 400 years still has candles lit inside.
  • 19

    Mario Logic

    Mario Bros questionable logic of breaking bricks with his fist but dies touching a turtle.
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  • 20

    Arceus Logic

    Meme questioning the logic of Arceus
  • 21

    Modern Warfare 3 Logic

    funny meme about the logic of Modern Warfare video games
  • 22

    Resident Evil 4 Logic

    Funny logic of the game from Resident Evil
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  • 23

    Left 4 Dead Logic

    Left 4 Dead game logic of using machine guns but if you shoot car alarms it attracts the zombies.
  • 24

    Wolfenstein: The New Order Logic

    Some issues with the logic of Wolfenstein.
  • 25

    Just Cause 2 Logic

    Funny meme of the video game logic of Just Cause 2 about capturing enemy base for a faction and then destroying it right afterwards for points.
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  • 26

    Mario Kart 8 Logic

    Funny video game logic from Mario Kart 8
  • 27

    L.A. Noire Logic

    Funny logic issues in LA Noire video game
  • 28

    Civilization: Beyond Earth Logic

    Funny logic issues about the aliens on Civilization Beyond Earth
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  • 29

    Battlefield 4 Logic

    Some funny logic issues with Battlefield 4
  • 30

    Sierra Madre Logic

    Video Game logic of Sierra Madre
  • 31

    Rosa Logic

    funny meme about the logic of Rosa
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  • 32

    Splinter Cell Logic

    Splinter Cell video game logic
  • 33

    Ocarina of Time Logic

    Meme about logic issues with Ocarina
  • 34

    Uncharted 3 Logic

    Unchartered 3 logic issues of finding ruins through elaborate maze, then exits through open back door.
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  • 35

    Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Logic

    Logical problems of Metal Gear Rising
  • 36

    Dishonored Logic

    Video Game logic of Dishonored, who is accused of murder so proves innocence by murdering everyone
  • 37

    Final Fantasy VII Logic

    Logical issues with Final Fantasy VII video game
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  • 38

    Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Logic

    Assassin's Creed IV Logic about stealth swimming
  • 39

    Age of Empires II Logic

    Logic issues with Age of Empires II in which villagers can hid in almost any building, except houses.
  • 40

    Saints Row: The Third Logic

    Meme of how there is no logic in Saints Row video game.


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