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Sixteen Spot On Tumblr Posts About Being a Cat Owner

  • 1
    pictures of fur on clothes and kitty litter all over floor cat owner starter pack
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  • 2
    text from tumblr cat sprints into room hello cat leaves room bye
  • 3
    text from tumblr 8 pm* Cat: Okay, bed time. *sleeps Me: wide awake "midnight Me: Okay, bed time. *tries to sleep* Cat: OMFG I FOUND A TOY. AND OMG THIS ONE HAS A BELL ON IT. DUDE LETS SEE HOW FAR I CAN THROW IT. IM LIKE A NINJA. IM THE FLASH. WATCH ME DASH GALLANTLY ACROSS THE ROOM. NOTHING CAN STOP ME NOW
  • 4
    text from tumblr Мy cat: -watches me in the bath -watches me on the toilet -tries to take my food -drinks out of my cups -walks on my laptop when I try to work -has almost smothered me in my sleep by laying on my throat -bites me when I don't scratch his ears in a timely fashion Me: -holds cat Cat: WHOOOOA THERE, PERSONAL SPACE. WILL BITE YOU NOW. WHAT HECK, DONT TOUCH, AM KING.
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  • 5
    text from tumblr *bites and scratches me* my cat: you're so cute me: aww my cat: literally tries to kill me n I love you awwww me:
  • 6
    text from tumblr That's a nice boob you got there.. cat: It would be a shame if someone were to.. cat: me: cat: STEP WITH THEIR WHOLE WEIGHT ON IT
  • 7
    text from tumblr Stay, stay. STAY! Love me. Love me! LOVE - OW. whispers Fucking asshole. Love me Please Me talking to my cat as he is struggling to run away from my loving embrace
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  • 8
    text from tumblr When u need to do something but kitty started purring and u just decide that ur that thing u needed to do is no longer important
  • 9
    text from tumblr every saturday night
  • 10
    text from tumblr if your cat throws up on your carpet
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  • 11
    text from tumblr cats making owners trip over doesn't care
  • 12
    text from tumblr me in the middle of my wedding*: oh shit I gotta check on my cats hold on a sec
  • 13
    text from tumblr my cat isnt a pet he is family crazy cat lady from the simpsons
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  • 14
    text from tumblr me when i see a cat
  • 15
    text from tumblr Me: "sees my own cat* Me: "is delighted*


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