17 Men Confess Their Crippling Body Insecurities

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    Im a man with an extremely hair but That is my biggest insecurity about my body.l know women just arent into that, but I dont want to shave or wax.
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    I'm a guy with a high level of testosterone, You wouldn't know it because wax so often that I have very little hair. I'm really insecure about the amount of hair I have naturally.
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    "I used to be anorexic. Yes, men also suffer from negative body image"
  • 4
    I feel insecure whenever Im having a bad hair day As a guy love my hair and freak out when it's not perfect,
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  • 5
    "My hair is going grey and I'm actually really insecure about it. I'm a guy too"
  • 6
    "I'm a guy with big nipples and it makes me insecure af"
  • 7
    Seeing all these girls loving fit tattooed quys makes me a bit self conscious because l dont have any tattoos and Im kind of skinny/average
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  • 8
    Even though Im only 16 l have a dad bod. My family makes fun of me for it all the time
  • 9
    I'm a guy and lve have stretch marks for as long as l can remember. Im so self conscious about them. I hate wearing tank tops or going shirtless..
  • 10
    I hate that look like a girl Genetics screwed me. I'm a man with a fem face and a high voice. FML
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  • 11
    I'm jealous of my girl because her stomach just naturally looks nice meanwhile l work out and still cant see my abs.
  • 12
    My confession,wish l had more body hair..
  • 13
    I always ask a girl I'm interested in what she thinks about hairy chests. If they don't like it, I forget about them.
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  • 14
    I love that my metabolism allows me to eat what want, but it also doesn't allow me to gain muscle or fat. I feel like less of a man because of my skinny build
  • 15
    I'm a guy that wears makeup because I get super insecure about my acne sometimes
  • 16
    As a 5'6 man, I hate going out. I feel like no one even looks my way because I'm not tall. I hate it. It makes me feel like crap.
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  • 17
    I'm so afraid that the size of my penis is going to be a deal breaker for any girl that I manage to actually date.


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