Man Shares Public Facebook Account With the World, All Hell Breaks Loose

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    So it begins...

    There was a problem rendering this tweet - it may have been deleted.
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    First, people started altering the cover photo of the communal Facebook.

    Text - f John Smith John Home Find Friends OAd Cover Photo View Actvity Log John Smith Update Into More Timeline About Friends Photos Satus Photo/Video Lite Event nwhere did you go to colege? 44%0ompe Wars ony I haven't gone to colege
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    The name was John Smith, but that didn't last very long.

    Cartoon - Maximilien Manning Maximili Maximilien Manning Update In More Friends 123 Timeline About Photos
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    Next, the community began liking all the good stuff.

    Web page - Maximilien Manning Maximilien Home Find Friends Liked Following Liked Following North West Pet Crematorium Pet Service Peaceways Pet Crematorium Pet Cemetery Liked Following Liked Following PEACEWAYS Forever Ours Pet Crematorium - Hervey Bay Bunal &Cremation Service Resting Paws Cemetery & Crematorium Restirg Inc. Pet Service Liked Following Liked Following Lakeview Pet Crematorium Community Glenvine Pet & Equine Crematorium Small Business Liked Following Liked Following Contact us on

    Pretty much every pet crematorium they could find.

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    The profile picture eventually changed to Taco Bell and that's when the trolling started.

    Text - Taco Bell Jenniferr Nicole Strsm 2 hrs So those Cap'n Crunch Delights were nasty They were over greasy, and tastes like the cereal if you had let a bowl of the cereal and milk sit in the hot sun for hours Nasty Like Comment Share Write a comment... EL Maximilien Manning Hi Jenniferr, as part of the production process Cap'n Crunch Delights are actually soaked in milk and heated up for a period of 6 hours. This would explain the taste. Thanks, ^Max BELL Like Reply-24 mins Jenniferr Nicole S
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    Somebody gave ISIS a stellar review.

    Text - Maximilien Manning reviewed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant - 17 hrs nice place weather was nice people were friendly goats were sexy 10/10 would recommed duIulaluIslamic State of Iraq and the Levant Community & Government dul Jw 39,607 Likes 3,098 talking about this Save Like Comment Share Write a comment...
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    The creator even had a baby.

    There was a problem rendering this tweet - it may have been deleted.
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    They became a Fruitarian.

    Text - Maximilien Manning e in 1 hr Became a Fruitarian Today with Joe Veix More like Fruitagician Like Comment Share
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    Sadly, all good things must come to an end.

    There was a problem rendering this tweet - it may have been deleted.

    Gone, but never forgotten. See you at the pearly gates, Maximilien Manning.


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