Noriyoshi Ohrai's Original Godzilla Posters Are Freaking Amazing

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    Godzilla is an allegory for nuclear weapons, in case this poster doesn't make it obvious enough.

    Cg artwork
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    Versus Biollante

    Organism - e

    If you see a rose above, you're not wrong: Biollante's original name was Rose Biollante, and is made of one-third Godzilla genes, one-third human genes, and one-third rose plant genes.

    Suspension of disbelief, people.

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    Versus King Ghidorah


    Despite looking like a traditional Chinese dragon (and thus, screaming allegory of Japan vs. China), King Ghidorah is portrayed as a heroic defender of Japan against Godzilla, and was inspired by the hydra of Greek mythology.

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    With Mechagodzilla and Rodan

    Cg artwork

    Rodan is taken from the word pteradon. The 'a' and the 'o' were switched for marketing purposes in English-speaking markets only, with his original Japanese name being Radon. Radon also happens to be the name of an element which is, surprise surprise, highly radioactive.

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    With Destoroyah

    Cg artwork

    Quite possibly the most aptly named kaiju in the entire franchise.

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    Versus Mothra

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    With Mothra and Minilla (Mini Godzilla)

    Cg artwork

    Speaking of nuclear weapons, if Godzilla is the Fat Man, then Minilla must be Little Boy.


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