Hank Pym's Candid Photographs Through the Years By Artist Phil Noto

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    A Presidential Invitation

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    Even Spies Have a Private Life

    Cheezburger Image 8540691712
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    Hulk Meets a Future Hero

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    Meet the Press

    "From the Hank Pym Photo Archives- Avengers Press Day “Tony thought it would be a good idea to invite some of the press over to Stark Mansion to highlight some of the work we were doing as the Avengers. I took this photo during an interview with a team from The Daily-something-or-other. I do remember the reporter asking us what we thought about other heroes’ roles in the country’s affairs. Apparently their city had, as the woman reporter put it, ‘A one-man Avengers team.’ ”
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    Holiday Party

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    Ladies of Marvel

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    Diplomatic Missions

    "From the Hank Pym Photo Archives- "So Reed and Sue decided to throw a dinner party to welcome the Attilan Royal Family to New York. It was quite the to-do. Just about everyone in the hero circle was there. Black Bolt, Medusa, et al. were a bit surprised I suspect, but very appreciative. I got some nice shots of the budding romance between Medusa's sister, Crystal and Johnny Storm. I think Sue may have introduced them before but the "sparks" were definitely flying that night.

    Black Bolt seemed a bit stoic and standoff-ish, not really mingling, but since apparently a single utterance would level a couple of city blocks, I guess you couldn't blame him. I think everyone was slightly in awe of him, as he had such a regal presence. Janet, of course, seemed to hit it off with him as I spied the two them later in the evening tucked away in a corner "talking" about who knows what." - Henry Pym
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    Generations of Avengers

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    That's Some Fancy Portraiture

  • 10

    Puppy Love

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    Upgraded to the Polaroid

  • 12

    Street Level Heroes

    Matt Murdock and Elektra Natchios, Malta, 1983
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    Bar Trip



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