All The Spider-Man Rumors The Internet Currently Hates

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    The Villains Are Weirdly Casted

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    The most recent rumors buzzing around about the newest Spider-Man movie are the identity of it's villains. Scorpion and The Vulture, two lesser known villains, and the insane casting choices Marvel is (allegedly) pursuing.

    First, as the private investigator turned geneticly altered insane supervillain, Scorpion, Marvel is reported to be pursuing everyone's least favorite Orange is the New Black actor, Jason Biggs. That's right, the actor made famous for dry humping a pie.

    The man supposedly playing The Vulture is a little better.
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    It's Billy Zane

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    If he can take down Leo DiCaprio (with a little help from a boat and a single occupancy door), then Spider-Man should be no problem. This casting call seems just fine, not nearly as filled with masturbatory hijinks, as Biggs.

    Keep in mind, this cast is based on a picture of a Word document that's going around Twitter, so the likelihood of it being true, is almost non-existent.

    Hugh Laurie as J. Jonah Jameson though... That's pretty crazy.

    But the cast isn't the only rumor...
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    There's Also the Suit

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    This image has been going around to describe how Spider-Man's cameo in Captain America: Civil War will look. While it's apparent this will resemble more of a homemade Spidey look, it is not a leaked concept photo.

    the concept art was not drawn from descriptions of the concept art as the initial version of this post stated, this photo was found by a source with access to the Spider-Man costume as a way of legally reporting on how it looked.
    In summary, this is far from official and a version of the suit that resembles this may only appear on screen for a short time. Awesomely, there's already fanart:

    The chances of any of this being accurate are pretty low, but either way, we can't wait to see Spidey return to the big screen in Civil War and then in his own movie in 2017.


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