An Affordable Health Care Meme Sparks Online Feud That Will Send You Into A Cringe Coma

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    It begins...

    Text - shared s photo. 1 hr You do understand this makes no sense right? If he gave out 360 million dollars...he could only give a million dollars to 360 people... 317 MILLION PEOPLE IN AMERICA AND YOU SPEND 360 MILLION ON JUST INTRODUCING OBAM ACARE? JUST GIVE EACH CIIZEN AMILLIONIBUCKS It just makes too much sense.
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    $43 million left over

    Text - Lmao!!! Like Reply 1.1 hr You could spend 1 million dollars on each person and have 43 million left over Like Reply 1 hr |I swear bro some people hahah Like Reply 1 hr , what?! Like Reply 1 hr | Assuming the statistics are correct I'm not saying they are but if you have 317 million people and 360 million dollars to spend then you would have enough to spend 1 million dollars on each person Like Reply 1 hr No you would only have enough for 360 people Like Reply 1 hr You give 1 million to 10
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    Look, a calculator got involved!

    Text - if you have 317 people and 360 chickens to give out, does everyone get a chicken? Yes Like Reply 1 hr No... look, if you give 1 million dollars to only 360 people you are out of money. 1 million dollars to 10 people is 10 million dollars. 1 million dollars to 100 people is 100 million dollars. 1 million dollars to 360 people is 360 million dollars. Like Reply 1 hr |I don't know who you had for Math but that's not how it works, 317 million people can get 1 million dollars each and still ha
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    So close. They almost had it.

    Text - That would be correct if we were talking about 317 million dollars, but we are talking about 360 million dollars and 317 million people Like 32 mins |So take $360,000,000 and divide it by 317,000,000 people and see how much you give each person. Let's follow it through to its logical conclusion. Like 26 mins OR take 317,000,000 people and multiply it by $1,000,000 and see how much money you'll need of you want to give them all a million bucks. I guarantee it's more than $360,000,000. Like
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    "I even asked my parents"

    Text - 43 milor dollars How Much Tax Would You Owe On A $550 Million Powerball fobes-shjanetnovack-201/11/0 endyNov 2. 202-T in he 327 50 mon ume Like Reply 53 mins But it says 317 million people and 360 million dollars, youre getting your units confused Like Reply 52 mins Look at the post. You can't give out that money BECAUSE YOU WILL RUN OUT OF MONEY AT 360 PEOPLE. Like Reply 51 mins No one is saying that 360-317 isn't 43 Like Reply 50 mins BUT YOU ONLY NEED TO GIVE IT TO 317 MILLION PEOPLE L
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    Here comes Mom to the rescue!

    Text - Both units are in milions so it doesn't make a difference Like Reply 43 mins would jump in but this is really my entertainment for the OP'S Mom afternoon. Like Reply1 41 mins Hide 27 Replies I normally would've stopped but I'm on 5 hour road trip lol Like 41 mins You should stop anyway, you're wrong. Like 39 mins Except I'm not Like 39 mins You are. And your smiley face doesn't make you more right. Like 38 mins Just trying to be respectful but okay my bad Like 38 mins I'm trying to think
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    *Vice President of computer programming

    Text - Sydney it does NOT work like that. Use your calculator and try the examples I gave you. I was in advanced math for many years (I took high school math in 7th & 8th grade) and although I'm old, I am certain math is still the same. Like 16 mins | If you had 100 dollars and 80 people, you can't give each of the people 100 dollars. Like 15 mins did, don't think I didn't use the examples I just didn't want to tell you when I did it came out that each person would get $3 million, my dads a Vice

    Then End...

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