Troll Creates Fake Target Customer Service Account, Responds To Gender-Neutral Haters

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    Text - Gary Plunk 15 mins Target I know this means little to Target, but I am tired of all this political correctness.. but after this latest move with signage I am going to do my best to not shop at your stores... I have already stopped shopping at walmart.. There are other stores to shop. Like Comment Share Most Relevant 3 people like this. Write a comment... Ask ForHelp Actually Gary, you're wrong. It means NOTHING to us that you feel this way. Have a great day! Like Reply 4 9 mins Write a re
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    Text - Deanna Unruh 51 mins- Target FYI: we will be purchasing our bike equipment from Walmart because we think removing boys/girls distinctions is unnecessary makes a statement we do not agree with. Like Comment Share 3 people like this. Most Relevant Write a comment... Ask ForHelp Well, Deanna. We're sorry to hear that. Good luck with your new relationship with walmart. Be careful, we hear they sell bikes without the seats on them Like Reply 7.43 mins Edited Deanna Unruh Wow. Nice customer ser
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    Text - Jewel Styles Target 57 mins. Ihave just UNLIKED your FaceBook page along with your store. I will no longer shop here. You have outraged many customers just to appease a few. God created males and females differently. Why would you try to remove the differences?? Get a clue Target. Your stupidity is showing Like Comment Share 3 people like this. Most Relevant Write a comment... Ask ForHelp Jewel, we're sorry you feel that way. We're also sorry you have such a strong opinion of things like
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    Text - Kevin Johnson 22 mins Target My family will no longer be shopping in your Politically Correct store any longer. My wife and I have 2 "boys" and 1 "girl" and we are not transgender Therefore we will no longer shop and support your PC transgender store. I'l make sure we even no longer drive thru your parking lot to get to a store next door. I hope your organization as well as the few patrons that you decided to "listen" to finds this as equally offensive as I do that Target would make such
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    Text - Dana Greer Target 4 mins Just wanted you to know that I and my family of both sexes by the way. Boys and Girls... will shop elsewhere. Il can't believe that you have decided to pander to the "Politically Correct" nonsense that has overtaken common sense. Have any of you been around small children? Do you really think that they don't have their own identity? Obviously this isnt for children... it is for adults that cannot stand reality. Like Comment Share Most Relevant Write a comment.. As
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    Text - Rosie Shrum 3 mins Target Wait!!!!what ??????where will I find my tampons at oh no I'm so confused 1 Like 1 Comment Like Comment Share Rosie Shrum likes this. Write a comment.. Ask ForHelp Rosie, we at Target are confused. Your picture is of a man, but your name is Rosie and you're asking where the tampons will be. The tampons will be in the same section they have always been, the feminine hygiene section. Which contrary to your belief, is not the toy section Thank you for your customer l
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    Text - Chele ThomsonTarget 9 mins. How ridiculous can you get? Seriously? MORE PUSSIFICATION of America! You can bet my hard earned money won't be spentat Target! Like Comment Share Donnie Monroe likes this. Most Relevant Write a comment... Ask ForHelp "More pussification of America" Good lord, Chele. We at Target don't even know how to respond to this one. Like Reply5 7 mins Chele Thomson Good! Because there ARE GENDERS. PERIOD MALE AND FEMALE! Like 1 min O Write a reply...
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    Text - EddyandKandie Walkos 5 mins Target I want to say that I am totally against Target doing away with gender based bedding etc for children. We will no longer be shopping at your store. Share Like Comment 3 people like this. Write a comment... Ask ForHelp And we at Target just want to say that we are totally against couples having one Facebook account. It is ridiculous and just wrong. We will now be adding you to the "can not shop here" list Like Reply 5 1 min O Write a reply...
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    Text - Chris Buelow Target 11 mins Why are you letting socialist activists run your business? You do realize that almost all Americans hate political correctness, right? 1 Like 2 Comments Like Share Comment Tabby Gandy likes this. Most Relevant Write a comment.. Target Customer Service Chris Buelow, we at Target we believe that the socialist agenda is a righteous cause and fully support it. But yes, it does appear that quite a few of Americans do in fact dislike being "politically correct." So t
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    Text - Kelly Overholt 16 mins- Target I guess now it's "wrong" to be a boy or have to be a neutral. Never heard of a doctor saying "Congratulations it's a neutral" You have always been my favorite store but no more. Your competitors will be getting all my money from now on. Way to go Target! Completely disappointed! 2 Comments Like Comment Share Most Relevant Write a comment.. Target Customer Service We at Target are sorry you feel this way, Kelly. Hopefully you never have to face the
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    Josh will not stand for this justice

    Text - Jeff Toenjes 19 mins Target I shopped at Target once in while because it was convenient for me on way to work or going back home. Other stores had better prices but would still shopped at Target due to convenience . Well now that Target is trying to be overly PC and basically just want gender neutral or transgenders to shop there, I will have to go out of may way to shop elsewhere. Like Comment Share Most Relevant 5 people like this. Write a comment... Ask ForHelp Jeff, we at Target have
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    Text - Louise DollyGagliardi Massa Target 27 mins Really I must apologize my error I had no ideal that Target Face book page was the sanctuary for the Rainbow brigade! Forgive me for intruding on your sacred ground. Truly a place whereI really don't care to trot or belong! Truly my error, such violence, and intolerance! I leave you to each other, you deserve each other! 3 Likes 6 Comments Like Comment Share Jordan Rene Long, Melvin Croft and Adriana Klassen like this. Most Relevant Write a comme
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    Josh is super serious, guyz...

    Text - Annette Marie Coley 21 mins Target I will no longer be shopping at all at you store. Your decision to go to non gender specific is just stupid and my money will not support it. Not that I really shopped with you anyway. Since you have something against the larger woman and your youthful clothes have a lot to desired. Do you really think that all young girls want a two piece bathing suit? My money will be going elsewhere. Share Like Comment 3 people like this. Most Relevant Write a comment
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    Text - Judy Alley Carter Target 16 mins Blackhawk, CA Iv been a loyal consumer forever. Sometimes shopping there 2x week. If you change everything into gender neutral you have lost a customer. I read you also condoning Shiria law in Michigan. Shame on you, this is America. Like Comment Share Most Relevant Write a comment... Ask ForHelp Judy, we at Target would just like to say one thing: Allahu Akbar Like Reply 7-14 mins Edited O Write a reply..
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    Text - Barbara Hopkins Target 4 mins Newport, OR never will shop this dump store again take your neutral gender and shove it you idiots!! 4 Comments Like Comment Share Most Relevant Write a comment... Ask ForHelp Barbara, just like you world views, your cover photo is incredibly outdated! We would love for you to come in to our new Target Photo Express and get that baby touched up! Barbara Hopkins Works at Registered Nurse 41 friends Add Friend Message Like Reply Just now

    Target's newest customer service account lasted 16 amazing hours before Target caught wind and finally pulled the plug.


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