I Can Has Cheezburger?

20 Cats That Have Taken Over Your Computer Keyboard

  • 1

    I'm just going to nap...right here.

    Cat - Audio K
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  • 2

    Excuse me, this is my spot... please leave

    Cat - Tain ddit ot e wed wa oberg a Sdna the water towerin Ocean Cay, Maryland Sed oraue eanted agart beah bl onatofwt re mu unge PLEASE ttere be More Small t as nforsaken w thng Whut is a smal, inigncant, personal mystery thut bohs you ueei todae Well I coudn de thes n vands de . HOOTE west End LB. Neighb Sets 4 por Druken epassers Heary Assau his rend d rs n NSW to change laws to alle hd abne survis te e hunhe hat ther wa tte mal Soence Advances Hemad O Type here to search oo oo
  • 3

    Hey, Hey you! Where's the full keyboard I ordered!?

    Cat - FrgoDo
  • 4

    Ah, just right.

    Cat - Cat
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  • 5

    You better not let this go to your head hooman, I just don't feel like sleeping there...

    Cat - Cat
  • 6

    Oh this is nice... it's warm too! I shall claim this as my new bed!

    Screen - Click to add title yea algud
  • 7

    Excuse me... This is mine now

    Cat - z an00 Wed 2 May 10 50 a ロOar Boukagte The wds P 4 G H K L C V B N M cmd cmd A.
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  • 8

    The official "MINE"

    Paw - isHu Crenus PRO Drive Con... Search Windows AIt
  • 9

    I just want this part. Okay?

    Cat - 1P 0otion
  • 10

    Well, you weren't using it!

    Cat - Gotte RAVENETt w VO
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  • 11

    I wasn't trying to unlock it!

    Cat - Andre lenovo Nund Backapace ne 4 Enter Shit 3 Pric End P Enter
  • 12

    Can we take turns?

    Cat - Cat
  • 13

    What are you doing hooman? You know this is my 3rd nap spot of the day!!

    Cat - F
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  • 14

    How to trick your cat 101... buy a separate detachable keyboard

    Cat - paswond nceed NE- CHERRY Pt Ctr
  • 15

    Leave it somewhere else...

    Cat - Cat
  • 16

    But sometimes they figure it out... and find the original

    Cat - 27 BIE 26B
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  • 17

    and sometimes they even let you work!

    Cat - Cat
  • 18


    Cat - Cat
  • 19
    Cat - Cat
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  • 20

    This cat just upgraded!

    Cat - Cat


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