13 Awkward Fails That Made People Die Inside

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    Text - Twinks TWINKS @tinytwink Follow What have you done that's made you die a bit inside? 12:16 PM -29 Jun 2018
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    Text - Eliza Doodle Follow @lwasGobby Replying to @tinytwink First proper job interview. Got asked 'how's your grammar?' With a confused face, I answered 'she's fine'... Still got the job.
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    Text - Janet Black Follow @jiblack967 Replying to @tinytwink Not me but my sister once tried to pay for a drink with a panty liner thinking it was a fiver only to be told it was not legal tender! It was a dark dark pub! 12:31 PM - 29 Jun 2018
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    Text - joe Follow @joesuxx Got told off for taking a selfie in the bathroom mirror in Anne Frank's house I.. excuse I was young and still think about it
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    Text - Linda D Giles Follow @henrybabes Replying to @tinytwink I was holding my cat in my arms so the vet could give him an injection.My cat was struggling and frightened so I bent and kissed his head to comfort him, only it wasn't his head, the vet had gripped his neck ready to inject and I kissed the back of the vet's hand
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    Text - Julie Mac Follow ejuliemac1000 Took a homeless girl for lunch. Cafe didn't take cards so she paid for me
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    Text - Matney Self @MatneyComedy Follow Replying to @tinytwink Late night out with mates stayed at mates new place spare room in big shared house. Got up in night for wee went back to bed. Woke up next morning in bed with landlords sleeping 12 year old twin sons with landlord standing over me. Right room Wrong floor.
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    Text - Sharon Follow @sharonboonie Replying to @tinytwink Was having a lump removed from my breast, was lying awake on the table and someone in scrubs said "can I check you..." and I whipped my boob out and he looked embarrassed and said wristband to check your Date of birth! I wanted to run away and hide!
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    Text - Steve, just Steve Northern Steve Follow Replying to@tinytwink It's a long list. The answer is probably that I can't grow up and stop adding to it! Sitting outside a bar in Edinburgh and falling asleep at an empty table. When I woke up it had six other people using it. That still haunts me a bit
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    Text - Red Sky At Night @redskyatnight Follow At some work event once I said to someone "You look really familiar somehow. Have we ever met before?" and they said "Yes. Over there, about an hour ago."
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    Text - Melanie Goodman Follow MelanieG1980 Replying to @tinytwink Once got in taxi to work. Said where I wanted to go, bloke turned round from divers side. 'I'd take you but l'm not going that way, I'm picking my mate up we're going fishing' to make worse the back was child locked so he had to get out and open the door to let me out.
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    Text - pullovergirl @pullovergirl Follow Said 'thank you' to a cash machine with a queue of people behind me
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    Text - Stuart Roberts Follow ONorthernAuthor Replying to @tinytwink When I was training to be a journalist, I interviewed a blind girl about her new Braille machine. "When will the story come out?" she asked. "Not sure" I replied..."just keep an eye out for it." I went outside and headbutted the wall. Awful.
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    Text - Melanie de Smith Follow @melaniedesmith Asked two women I was serving in a shop if they were mother and daughter only to be told they were married.


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