Technophilia of the Day: 6 Things You Should Know About Today's Apple Event

You probably know that Apple held their annual phone update press conference today. However, you might not know that the tech behemoth also announced a new iPad and a refreshed Apple TV.

Let us give you the basic run down of all the things you need to know about this most recent event.

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    There's a new, enormous iPad called the iPad Pro

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    Via Apple

    Look at that thing. It's gigantic. It's 12.9 inches diagonally.

    It's also super powerful. With an A9X chip, Apple says it will run almost twice as fast as the iPad Air 2.

    They also say it's the best screen they've ever made:

    With 5.6 million pixels, iPad Pro features the highest-resolution Retina display of any iOS device. The 12.9-inch screen makes everything you do — editing 4K video, designing presentations, running a business — easier, faster, and more engaging. And the Multi-Touch subsystem has been reengineered, expanding the ways you can interact with iPad.

    It starts at $799 and will be available in November.

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    And you can accessorize it with stuff Apple has classically hated!

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    Via Apple

    To go with their shiny new, huge iPad, Apple unveiled two new accessories for the costly beast.

    The first is a keyboard cover which you see above. It plugs into a new magnetic data port on the iPad Pro's side. Then you can type on it. Like you imagine.

    The second it even more interesting. It's the Apple Pencil.

    It's an extremely sensitive touch capacitive device that can sense the pressure and angle on which you use it. They boasted that it's so specific that it can pinpoint singular pixels in its use. Not a small boast for what they're calling their best screen.

    The funny part about this is that Steve Jobs classically hated and derided styluses.

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    Microsoft and Adobe appeared at the conference, effectively turning down the heat in hell

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    In a very unexpected move, even prompting gasps from the crowd, representatives showed up from Microsoft and Adobe to demonstrate the capabilities of the new iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil to work on apps like Microsoft Office and the mobile Adobe suite.

    The appearance of Microsoft is obviously notable considering the two companies' decades-long rivalry, especially in the event where Apple announces a device pretty similar to the Microsoft's Surface.

    Apple has long had a shady beef with Adobe, initially not even supporting web-based Flash in the mobile Safari browser due to the perceived drain on performance.

    Adobe's presence was interesting in itself, but also really neat in showing how the Apple Pencil can manipulate the software.

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    There's an updated Apple TV if that's your thing

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    Via The Verge

    Apple came back to the Apple TV after three years of the letting the third generation sit on customers shelves and revamped it in a big way. They included a new operating system specific to the TV and a new crazy remote that has Siri in it.

    The Verge got a hands on with the device and summed up its power:

    [T]he new Apple TV will have a Universal Search feature that lets you search across apps like iTunes, Netflix, and Hulu, and it will feature Siri in a big way. Similar to other set-top boxes, voice search will be the primary way to navigate. You can manually fast-forward by sliding your finger forward on the touchpad, but also do a quick 15 second rewind by asking Siri, "what did she say?"

    The Apple TV will double as a gaming console — including games like the new Guitar Hero that were previously only available on consoles — and the UI has also been refreshed, featuring a new white background and redesigned apps. The new Apple TV is also far more powerful — it features a 64-bit A8 processor and can support Bluetooth 4.0.

    It will set you back at least $150 for the smaller sized box starting October.

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    And there's a new iPhone. Obvs.

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    Via Apple

    As like every off year since the iPhone 3G S, Apple iterates on their existing numbered device. Just like usual, they didn't mess with the form factor of the iPhone 6, instead working on the internals and even added a new color —Rose Gold.

    It's the stuff you would expect: Faster processor, bigger camera, better graphics, etc.

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    The iPhone 6S also comes with something neat called 3D Touch

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    Via Apple

    Ever since Apple brought pressure sensitive inputs into the Apple Watch, tech lovers have expected that the same would come to the next iPhone. They were right.

    Now called '3D Touch' instead of the Apple Watch's 'Force Touch', the input seems to allow two different levels of usage depending on the amount of pressure you place on the screen.

    Apple's calling the two new gestures 'peek' and 'pop' and it seems like they could really open up some possibilities for how we interact with these electronic demon leashes that sometimes are used as phones.

    Those are the most interesting things to come out of todays event by our opinion. What are you excited about? Disappointed by? Annoyed over?
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