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9 Exercises You Can Do With Your Cats

  • 1

    Cats Will Add Some Warm Weight to Your Squats

    Human leg - SENORGIF.COM Use your cat to add resistance to the squat
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  • 2

    And Enjoy The Change of View From Your Lateral Raises

    Arm - SENORGIF.COM I1 12 10 7 6 5 Lateral raise
  • 3

    Not To Mention The Added Attention to Balance to Your Bicep Curls

    Shoulder - SENORGIF.COM Bicep curl

    Yes, I lift. Cats.

  • 4

    Cats Are Paws-On Support For Push Ups

    Plank - SENORGIF.COM Push-up
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  • 5

    Chest Presses Give Your Cats Even More of a Feeling of Dominance

    Shoulder - SENORGIF.COM Chest press
  • 6

    Adding a Cat to Your Skull Crushers is Pretty Symbolic of How These Exercises Are Affecting Your Brain

    Arm - SENORGIF.COM Skullcrushers
  • 7

    Don't Forget to Work Those Abs

    Arm - SENORGIF.COM Ab crunch
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  • 8

    Front Raises Also Have The Practical Effect of Allowing The World to See Your Cat Better

    Arm - SENORGIF.COM Front raise
  • 9

    And You Can Reenact The Beginning of The Lion King With Your Squat Presses

    Strength training - SENORGIF.COM


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