21 Things Americans Do That Are Absolutely Bizarre To Foreigners

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    Text - solomon rex Follow SOlomon Yex @solomon_rex why do americans say "mhm" when you thank them instead of "you're welcome"
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    Text - Francis Maxwell Follow @francismmaxwell Someone settle this for me. Why do Americans pronounce vineyard- vinyard, but then pronounce vine as vine and not vin. Y'all complicated af!
  • 3
    Text - Stephanie Foo Follow @imontheradio Why do Americans eat salads as entire meals? Leaves are not a meal! Can you tell I'm hangry
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    Text - Bams/Nick Follow @Virtue_Bams Why do Americans call petrol "gas" when it's a liquid
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    Text - AUDIO SLAV Follow @coolmega What's the deal with Americans drinking from these pointy cups
  • 6
    Text - strict mommy gf Follow @baseadaprincesa why do americans go to the airport dressed like they're going to bed
  • 7
    Text - Louis Michael Follow @Louisxmichael Why do Americans call it a hamburger when there is legit no ham involved
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    Text - Petunia Follow @prosopagnia Why do americans romanticize "high school sweathearts"?? Like youve had sex with one person since you were a pimply 14 year old congrats thats fuckin weird
  • 9
    Text - john Follow @Scarlet4UrMa why do americans always consider themselves half-irish when in reality their aunt's cousin's best friend's toenail fell into pint of guinness once
  • 10
    Text - diss track raq Follow @vangoghsangel why do americans call trousers 'pants'? pants in england means underwear...
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  • 11
    Text - Natalia Tena Follow @Nat TenaLady Why do Americans call it a 'restroom?' I've never done anything remotely restful in a toilet
  • 12
    Text - philippa Follow @hipsterpip why do americans pronounce the h in vehicle but not in herb
  • 13
    Text - AlvinAl3978 Follow @AlvinA13978 Why do Americans say "Jean Jacket"? It's Denim Jacket, made out of Denim, ffs!
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    Text - Spoinkman Follow @DaSpoinkMan Why do Americans keep eggs in the refrigerator?
  • 15
    Text - lenina Follow @psychoikawa why do americans: - still use fahrenheit scale - write dates backwards - pronounce arkansas diffferent than kansas -drink nonalcoholic cider
  • 16
    Text - Jack Follow @JackDMurphy why do Americans always say "tuna fish"? Have they got fucking tuna dogs over there or something?
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  • 17
    Text - Dean Gilroy Follow @dean_gilroy Why do Americans talk about Europe as if it's a shopping centre
  • 18
    Text - ayse *: Follow @ayseyeet where do americans see the x in 'espresso'
  • 19
    Text - brandon Follow @brandonlung honestly why do americans clap when planes land? do y'all also clap when traffic lights turn green or??
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    Text - osito .2.? Follow @jamesmason1997 Why do Americans call uni 'college' when often uni is part of the name like Harvard university
  • 21
    Text - Adam Follow @RummHammm Why do Americans refer to Europe like just one country? 'When I went to Europe' like fam? where did you go Longford or Fermanagh?


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