15 Memes And Pics That'll Make You Feel For Internet Explorer

  • 1
    Explorer icon excited to get clicked on but then is just thrown in the trash bin
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  • 2
    Loki on the floor with his You must be truly desperate to come to me for help with Explorer icon overlay on his face.
  • 3
    nic cage internet explorer
  • 4
    Windows update meme of Google Chrome sensing Microsoft Edge nearby
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  • 5
    Explorer with I'll Be Back catchphrase as he is tossed in the recycle bin
  • 6
    internet explorer has updated their privacy policy
  • 7
    explorer vs firefox meme
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  • 8
    chrome and firefox kids fighting as the internet explorer kid with a helmet sits and eats glue
  • 9
    explorer is not needed by anyone except maybe to download chrome
  • 10
    Chrome shoes up to get some candy 3 weeks after Halloween
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  • 11
    error messages mosaic to create the explorer logo icon
  • 12
    scrubs meme of the horrifying Explorer icon
  • 13
    4 panel webcomic of all the browsers hanging out and then the weird Internet Explorer shows up
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  • 14
    new user internet explorer comic
  • 15
    internet explorer anthropomorphized webcomic and firefox and the others don't want to hang out with her.


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