You Might Want To Steal These Awesome Names Celebrities Gave Their Pets

Check out some of the funny, unique, and sometimes just strange names these stars chose for their furry friends. Via: Cutesy Pooh

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    Kitty Purry

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    Probably the most fitting pet name of all time, Katy Perry's cat even made a cameo in the music video for I Kissed A Girl.

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    One of Adam Sandler's bulldogs was named after the Jewish dish matzo ball soup. He also had another bulldog, Meatball, who starred alongside Sandler in Little Nicky.

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    Sirius Black

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    Ariana Grande named her doggo after the Harry Potter character.

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    Oprah Winfrey

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    The name was originally meant to be disrespectful, but after sitting down with the real Oprah, 50 Cent squashed the beef and admitted he was a fan.

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    Christina Ricci named her dog after the American singer and drummer of The Carpenters. Before Karen, Ricci had a dog named Sheriff Steve Goldberg.

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    Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson tragically lost this little guy (on the left) after he ate some poisonous mushrooms. He turned the sad situation into a somewhat positive one, using it to remind people not to take life for granted. The puppy on the right is named Hobbs, like his character in the Fast and Furiousfranchise.

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    Thurman Merman

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    Named after the character from 2003's Bad Santa, Rachel Bilson nailed it with this one.

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    A world-renowned chef, Bobby Flay, named his feline friend after a dish he likely never prepares.

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    Miley Cyrus wrote a heartfelt song about her beloved fish, called Pablow The Blowfish, after he passed away in 2015.

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    Olivia Benson

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    Taylor Swift took inspiration from the female detective on Law & Order: SVU for her cat's name.

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    Ghengis Khan

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    An award-winning chow chow, Martha Stewart named her dog after the leader of the Mongol Empire. Sticking to the legendary conquerers theme, she also has a cat named Empress Tang

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    Child and Foxy Cleopatra

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    Reality star turned actress Nicole Richie chose these two names for her dogs, who both have their own IMDb pages.

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    Mr. Fluffy Pants

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    Kesha rescued this kitty in 2013 and asked her fans to help name him.

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    Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz named his dog after the popular kid's book, The Berenstain Bears, only slightly changing the spelling.

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    Eye In The Dark

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    For anyone else, this name (or phrase really) would sound ridiculous. For Norman Reedus, one of the stars of The Walking Dead, it just seems right.

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    Squiddly and Diddly

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    Simon Cowell acts tough on TV, but really he's got a soft spot for his two yorkies.

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    I wouldn't call this name strange, on its own anyway, but Emmy Rossum has two other dogs named Cinnamon and Sugar too. So Pepper is the spicy one of the trio.

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    Harrison Zulander

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    We have no idea why CeeLo Green chose this name, but I like it!

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    The force is strong with Anne Hathaway's pup.

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