Guy's Tweet About Rage Against The Machine Being Too Angry Gets Absolutely Shredded

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    Text - Scotch @ScotchOikos ikos Listening to Rage Against The Machine for the first time in a while. What dreadful lyrics: anti-cop, racist against whites, total rejection of civility, communist, all around an aggressive embodiment of victimhood culture. 10/17/18, 6:08 PM
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    Text - Lena, the Glitchful @Lenathejoyful Replying to @Scotch Oikos Debate Against the Machine Agree to Disagree with the Machine Petition Against the Machine 10/18/18, 12:28 AM 84 Retweets 786 Likes Lena, the Glitchful @Lenathejo... 14h Replying to @Lenathejoyful and @ScotchOikos Polite Protest against the Machine t19 426
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    Text - The Baconcat @theBaconcat . 5h There are very good machines on both sides. 2 60 future trophy husband @Austin... .4h I love this fucking thread holy shit 3 28 kind, good, and very tired @ch... 19h Replying to @ScotchOikos What do you think "the machine" is L234 13 2,536 Wally @Cleve_Steamr 19h The original post was worth it for these replies t17 992 alxmd @alxmd21 12.16h It was very decent of him to offer himself up for this dunk contest L16 848
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    Text - Losing Count of the Witches 17h Replying to @Scotch Oikos TUNE Why would they escalate like this without incremental attempts to find common ground? WHAT'S WRONG WITH A STRONGLY WORDED MISSIVE TO THE MACHINE? 2.10 284 Booben McScare'em 11h Attempting to find common ground with the machine Maybe the Machine has some good ideas Really, there are Machines on both sides t.13 174 Daniel Johnson @dfj517 23m Won't somebody please think of the machine?! Losing Count of the Witches 21m IImagine wh
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    Text - Sandra Leigh Replying to @Scotch Oikos @sanleigh 19h Cogs in the machine never enjoy those who rage against it. Li76 4 1,314 On3 Solutions @ThinkOn3 17h Great tweet! MIN3 FINANCIAL 13 Roma Khudoleyev @MrRoma17 15h it's actually a tweet that deserves the "underrated tweet" reply in earnest 22 Nic-Ghoul-as Satan @ Hallow... 20h Replying to @ScotchOikos NICOLAS They're literally called Rage Against the Machine. Are you serious? t220 6 1,386 L(ツ)」 @skylarchriss. 19h best reply yet 47
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    Text - LizaKatels Spoopy Replying to @Louisathe Last @lizaka.... 5h Fat Bitch Let's Be Civil and Make Sure the Machine Can Still Eat Dinner Peacefully in Restaurants t8 24 Batalie Dread @nataliere... 5h Reach Across The Aisle To The Machine 22 15 Fenstein's Monster @FenRawrys 4h Chillin' in the Name Of 2 11 Gregory the A'ight @driven2drink 4h I mean. Forget you. I prefer to do something different than the thing you collectively demand
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    Text - Cavalish @Cavalish 9h Can I Just Play Devils Advocate Against The Machine L235 526 Gabe Owens @hawknado 7h Cards Against Humanity with the Machine. 134 Haunts & Slayers Let's Try to Understand The Machine @chocl... 7h L214 2 226 Jennifer Goodland @BigYearColo 6h Staying Home Due To Voter Apathy Against The Machine t23 112 Putsome Jellyonit @jellyonit 6h The Machine Makes a Lot of Good Points Actually t7 120
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    Text - Patrick Monahan @pattymo 18h Replying to @ScotchOikos Wow good observation. With a name like Rage Against The Machine you'd think they'd have songs about doing your homework and voting Republican L246 26 5,143 KathrynM @UnrealKathryn 17h Little known fact: They were just really upset at the office copier. UST GE BUS YOUR STAY OUT FOREST Why does it say paperjam, when there is no paper jam?!! GIF t25 498 7
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    Text - @SL8Rgirl 6h batty davis eyes Couples Therapy with the Machine 50 Jennifer Goodland @BigYearColo 6h Tweeting Against The Machine While Calling The Police On A Black Person For No Reason 1.5 2 61 Andy Bultitude @shin00bie6h The Middle Ground Somewhere Between Here And The Machine. t2 56 sam omar @drumsnotdead_ 6h Festival of Ideas Against the Machine 2 2 40 Jamie @JamieFiorito 6h Look, Maybe We Should Just All Try to Get Along With the Machine 21 47 .5 >
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    Text - cowshark defin just wants the n... 1h Replying to @LouisatheLast READ Are You There, Machine? It's Me, Rage D BOOKS J... 3h Scary Scary Revolutionary Replying to @Louisathe Last Omg that thread is GREAT hahaaaa That Darn Canuck @canuckerrant 4h Replying to @Louisathe Last anuc Rage Against The Incivility Sarah Huber @NecoDachi 8h Replying to @LouisatheLast Not all heroes wear capes. 1
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