These Kids Don't Mess Around When it Comes to Writing Letters to Santa

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    Emily Knows What She Wants, And She's Not Wrong

    turtles christmas Emily Knows What She Wants, And She's Not Wrong

    Turtles are cool.

    via Know Your Meme

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    All I Want For Christmas Is Live Wild Animals

    All I Want For Christmas Is Live Wild Animals

    After listing 7 inanimate gift ideas he follows it up with this:

    "Dear Santa, there is six more things I want but this is special, could you get me a real pet cub of a linxy, bobcat, snowleopard, cougar, caracal and a mountain lion"

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    Do You Think Santa Has Amazon Prime?

    Text - Dear 5 I'm quad. ta, Hou are you Here is whatwarnt or Cheistmas Ahttp/ conf P/protoctBo032HF6 Vrekes hpsbw_g2t_ iro3?pfnATUP DKIKKODER&PEd S Cter-3&_dr=ixy 4-2H1K03Y73MWANM PErd101p_cd_pz13199 o1542&PEi

    How's he supposed to copy/paste that?

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    Is This a Pick Up Line?

    Is This a Pick Up Line?
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    Santa Has a Very Troubling Relationship With Tax and Tariff Policy

    Text - k back from the dead. I bet he would mock alw and I'm jus Nikhil Dear Santa, Or 't know Why do all my toys say made in China? king for I guess even you can't abstain from the 't have allure of cheap labor. Oink oink you e a very capitalist pig. I have er. Skills Josh people 2zler (as nd of it I on ti ne st Dear Santa,
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    This Kid Is Willing to Make a Deal

    santa This Kid Is Willing to Make a Deal

    "Dear Santa,

    I like you. Do you like me? I would like a DS Mario please. Next year I will give you money. How does that sound? Pretty cool. It does to me. That's the deal."

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    Santa Loves Chips!

    Text - Dear Santa, would like to sel SOMe chips. Vou lor chips! Im being very g0od. Goad afternoon just want chps. 1 Lour,

    Submitter Chris says his almost-three-year-old son dictated his letter to Santa as his mother wrote it down. He enjoys potato chips and apparently so does Santa.

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    This Kid Just Wants What We All Want

    Text - Dear Santa Ineed Some advice for how to maKe Pokemon Real.WhY do NEED SOne ve be(ause Can not 9et POkempn Out oF my mind need a ver g00d pswer, Lf You have a answer Piease send messAG back from kinnell

    To be the very best.

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    Does This Kid Want One of Those or All of Them?

    Text - Peaf Santa Was wonder if Could get Coupte thns for CHistmast Hete the hstYou might nee to flp the pag A PuPPY A kitten A cat A faz Zy
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    Not Sure if Throwing Shade at Your Parents is the Best Way to Get a Puppy

    Handwriting - dest Sabtay CeDUPY YOU GO me FKe Onc year PledsE JOnt FoIGE EV onmy an ENS NOhankyo SONY AL
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    I Thought You Got Coal for Being Naughty

    Handwriting - AustinNovernber 28,2012 Dear Santa, aughte have this yea re motecon tro a, Gura ego train
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    This Kid is Making Technology Do the Work for Him

    Handwriting - Dear Santa, text he Plese Da Tis ta XOxOxox whole AM ITore You Tenneee

    Or is it the Dad who's got it all figured out?

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