Cozy Up and Pretend to Get Warm, These Yule Log Videos Will Really Heat Up Your Screen

  • 1

    Anyone Going for a "Non-Traditional" Christmas Might Like Deadpool's Yule Log

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  • 2

    Ah, The Classic

  • 3

    The Holiday Cheer Awakens

  • 4

    Hearthstone Fans are Welcome Around the Fire

    Just don't hold those cards too close?
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  • 5

    The Cuddliest Yule Log Around With Lil' BUB

  • 6

    This Yule Log Featuring Nick Offerman Silently Enjoying Whisky Will Put Hair on Your Chest

  • 7

    Or Enjoy the Fire With an Adorable BB-8

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  • 8

    Rib Roast Roasting on an Open Fire

  • 9

    The Daily Show Made Their Own Donald Trump Inspired Yule Log

  • 10

    Thanks to Minecraft, There's Now a Virtual Virtual Fireplace

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  • 11

    Why Stare at a Fire When You Can Stare at Cute Pets?

  • 12

    And What's Christmas Without Jesus?

    Not sure why he needs a bottle of wine though, can't he just use water to make wine?
  • 13

    Apparently They Do Yule Logs in Asgard Too


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