I Can Has Cheezburger?

15 Tumblr Posts About Pugs That You Just Can't Miss

  • 1
    Sheep - prestoncarbonaro Baa, baa, black pug Have you any wool? :P
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  • 2
    Companion dog - That one friend that always has shitty time no matter how much fun everyone else is having @Iriend of bae jacksgarbage Da face
  • 3
    Dog - LoVE pugs When your sibling gets in trouble and you try to protect them
  • 4
    Dog - pugs Safety First A
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  • 5
    Floor - pugs When you see Monday coming
  • 6
    Pug - When the waiter shows up with your food but you've already eaten 10 bowls of chips and salsa what-marsha-eats Been There, Done That.
  • 7
    Dog - alienpuguniverse This is the face I make whenever my human sings to me. I make this face A LOT.
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  • 8
    Dog breed - mydailystumble The pug is the concerned mother, while the cat is the disappointed father.
  • 9
    Pug - animal-factbook: Pugs are usually locally grown and harvested during the spring season. 2014 marks the highest crop yield of the decade, with a reported number of 133,870 pugs harvested during the year.
  • 10
    Dog - alienpuguniverse Boxes are to cats as warm laundry is to pugs
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  • 11
    Water - $pugs Like if you would let this shark attack you
  • 12
    Dog - pugs I want to come home to this every day
  • 13
    Text - Title Pug accidentally knocks over paint and gets paint on his paws and proceeds to leave colorful paw prints everywhere he walks Me: whispers* Pawblo Pugcasso
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  • 14
    Dog - punk-wxlf Little red riding pug
  • 15
    Pug - critknits Mom turned me into Spike the Dragon from My Little Pony". I feel so magical right now.


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