23 New Shower Thoughts That Are Real Mind Blower

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    Text - Text - r/Showerthoughts Posted by u/John__MacTavish 11 hours ago 65.7k Tom and Jerry is one of the most distinct case of child v.s. adult perspective in which as a child you think Jerry is witty and correct but as an adult you see that Tom is being bullied by Jerry whilst attempting to live his life as a normal house cat. Give Gold Hide Report 1.5k Comments Share Save 87% Upvoted
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    Text - Posted by u/GhastlyViking 3 days ago 9.2k The most rare and enjoyable experience in life is going #2 in a public restroom and not having a single person come in during. 207 Comments Share Save Give Gold
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    Text - Posted by u/Howdidnoonetakethis 4 days ago 5.6k The difference between a horror movie and a detective movie is whether is starts the night of or the night after. Share Save 42 Comments Give Gold
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    Text - Posted by u/Raptavis 3 days ago 38.8k Consistently skipping a song on your favourites list is kind of like realizing you don't like a friend as much as you thought you did Give Gold Share+Save 503 Comments
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    Text - Text - r/Showerthoughts Posted by u/UbiquitousObjector 8 hours ago 6.3k "He died doing what he loved" would be a really awkward thing to say at a drug addict's funeral.
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    Text - Text - Posted by u/Menial_Tasking 2 days ago 7.8k Maybe those random sharp pains we all feel from time to time are our alternate reality counterparts dying or being killed Give Gold 377 Comments Share Save
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    Text - Text - Posted by u/wynn_quon 19 hours ago 39.4k You can play the game of chess and the game of checkers on the same board - which makes the chessboard the first-ever gaming platform. Give Gold Save Share 552 Comments
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    Text - Text - Posted by u/The_Autismo 1 day ago 90.7k Single Player games that don't require internet are going to be extremely valuable during the apocalypse Share +Save 3.6k Comments Give Gold
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    Text - Posted by u/Imin Peru 5 days ago 38.4k The "Don't text and drive" signs on the highway are probably not seen often by their target demographic. Share +Save Give Gold 505 Comments
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    Text - Text - Posted by u/Banzgirl 5 days ago 48.6k If your partner cheats on you, getting mad, and fighting with the person they're cheating on you with is like treating symptoms instead of the disease Share+Save Give Gold 2.0k Comments
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    Text - Text - Posted by u/Valspar21 6 days ago 43.7k We live in an age where if Amazon actually offered a free $50 gift card or Apple wanted to give a free iPhone 10 away, nobody would believe them Share +Save 838 Comments Give Gold
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    Text - Text - Posted by u/Pabloment Fanquedelic 4 days ago 28.4k "Woman steals 99 Dalmatian puppies to make a fur coat" sounds more like a news article from Florida than a Disney cartoon 236 Comments Share Give Gold Save
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    Text - Text - Posted by u/m_trots ky 4 days ago 34.7k Kids today will never know the excitement of going to blockbusters on a Friday after school to rent a vhs for the weekend Save Give Gold 1.4k Comments Share
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    Text - Text - Posted by u/littlebookie 5 days ago 27.3k Ryan Gosling made a movie about space while not risking his life, and made 66 times more money than Neil Armstrong who actually went to space with the risk of never returning. Give Gold Share 827 Comments Save
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    Text - Text - Posted by u/thepee-peepoo-pooman 1 day ago 13.0k The saying "out of sight, out of mind", does not apply when you are in your room and catch glimpse of a spider and then lose it. Give Gold Share Save 230 Comments
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    Text - Posted by u/ArtfulDues 3 days ago 12.2k Flu season would be way less prominent if parents just let their kids stay home when they're sick Give Gold 752 Comments Share+Save
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    Text - Text - Posted by u/ToastyPickel 6 days ago 10.4k Turning while turning on your turn signal is the equivalent of your mom knocking while turning the door knob Give Gold Save Share 181 Comments
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    Text - Posted by u/princecarvedofwood 3 days ago 6.1k If our anuses were triangular, turds would be shaped like Toblerone packages. Share Give Gold 224 Comments Save
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    Text - Text - Posted by u/SuspiciouslyElven 4 days ago 54.1k If elevators didn't exist, the penthouse would be for poor people. Share+Save 671 Comments Give Gold
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    Text - Text - x2x2 Posted by u/RezzexOfficial 1 day ago 50.5k Cheese is just a loaf of milk. Share+Save Give Gold 753 Comments
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    Text - Text - Posted by u/User3417 4 days ago x2 40.3k If Adam and Eve got into a fight, it would be a world war. Give Gold 675 Comments Share Save
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    Text - Text - Posted by u/in_need_of_therapy 6 days ago 22.1k It's easy to do permanent damage when you're temporarily upset. Share +Save Give Gold 589 Comments
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    Text - Text - Posted by u/devillived 44 5 days ago 14.8k Most part-time jobs ironically want you to have full-time availability. Share Save Give Gold 640 Comments


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