I Can Has Cheezburger?

10 Reasons Why Cats Make The Best Alarm Clocks Ever

  • 1

    They will patiently wait for exactly the right time.

    Cheezburger Image 9234393856
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  • 2

    They never run out of batteries.

    Cheezburger Image 9234396928
  • 3

    They are fundamentally and morally opposed to the "snooze" button.

    Cheezburger Image 9234395648
  • 4

    They are willing to deploy a personal touch

    Cheezburger Image 9234394880
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  • 5

    They are willing to take great risks in order to get the job done

    Cheezburger Image 9234394368
  • 6

    Unless you need a more vigorous wake-up-call, in which case they are happy to oblige.

    Cheezburger Image 9234395136
  • 7

    They are both timely and persistent.

    Cheezburger Image 9234396416
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  • 8

    They will perform their role in a regular and timely fashion without getting too invested in it.

    Cheezburger Image 9234393600
  • 9

    If you ask nicely, they may even wake you up with a massage.

    Cheezburger Image 9234395904
  • 10

    And, if you're lucky enough to get your hands on a top-of-the-line model, they will wake you with a kiss.

    Cheezburger Image 9234393344


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