30 Amusing Memes & Tweets To Keep You Going

  • 1
    Tumblr thread of someone unsuccessfully trying to tell a joke
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  • 2
    Meme about losing motivation once you get home with pic of woman sleeping in bed with a laptop and snacks
  • 3
    Tweet about Floridians not voting wisely
  • 4
    Tweet pretending to be about a charger that is actually about having tiny hands for feet
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  • 5
    Pic of newspaper article naming a person who asked to be anonymous
  • 6
    Smooth pickup line by guy calling himself daddy
  • 7
    Expanding brain meme about being single
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  • 8
    Text - Sp00ky Alex @Alex_Welch88 "How do you describe college?" I'm teaching myself a class that I'm paying for
  • 9
    Supportive tweet in reply to report about alcoholic teacher
  • 10
    Tweet about breaking down Starbucks drinks names
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  • 11
    Coca Cola response to Pepsi ad using the exact same photo but with a different text
  • 12
    Reddit thread about the subtlety of Anakin transitioning to the dark side by killing someone
  • 13
    Pic of sailor innocently getting a swastika tattoo right before the start of World War 2
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  • 14
    Tweet about doing science experiments by peeing in things
  • 15
    News report about a series of unfortunate events fueled by alcohol
  • 16
    Daily Star headline about a dildo masquerading as a duck
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  • 17
    Spongebob meme about getting pansexuals excited with kitchenware
  • 18
    Tweet by dad who calls his kids jokes
  • 19
    Meme about your earliest memory being the trauma of seeing a dog wearing a horse mask
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  • 20
    Tweet about watching a movie about a turkey's life
  • 21
    Meme about ugly girls tricking guys on Tinder with pic of Steve Ross pulling a sneaky
  • 22
    Tweet about the phrase "breaking out" being about escaping prison but also getting acne
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  • 23
    Meme about upside down bats looking like they're dancing
  • 24
    Tweet trying to make sense of Christianity
  • 25
    Pic of tiny furry dog named Mash Potato
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  • 26
    Tweet explaining the premise behind the TV show House
  • 27
    Black man looking disappointed in the background of a photo of Kanye West and Donald Trump
  • 28
    Comic of forest ranger getting insulted by Big Foot
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  • 29
    Tweet about the history of gay dating
  • 30
    Tweet about a guy getting friendzoned


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