18 Extremely Lucky People Share Their Biggest Bullet Dodged Moments In Life

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    Text - Damnyoureyes 19h About a year ago I was flown down to interview at Rockstar for QA. I got there and everything felt really off the entire time, and I was really uncomfortable how they'd dodge questions about crunch. (They were definitely currently crunching). Nowlam very happily at small indie company run by veteran devs who plan their shit out. You stay late if your shit is on fire, not because we decided it's time to make you stay late.
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    Text - guisspino 16h Not me, but my uncle got sick and called out of work. At the time, he was employed at the World Trade Center, and he stayed home sick the morning of 911
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    Text - ZCGT 13h I was up all night and fell asleep studying. Like, face on the book. I'm supposed to graduate in 3 days, if I had missed this final I would have failed the class and not graduated. I woke up 10 minutes before the test started, and made it there on time.
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    Text - jmack2424 18h 20 years old, in college, engaged and living with my girlfriend of 5 years. She's hot, but a little crazy. She has to finish a project while I head across town for Thanksgiving dinner with the parents. Finish early, grab food for her, and when I get home, the door is dead-bolted and chained. She had a guy in the apartment. Have a breakdown on the front steps. Get angry, break a window, bawl my eyes out, ask for the ring through the chained door. Took years to get over, but 1
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    Text - superkat21 13h Got a job offer, would've been a huge promotion, career jump, and money at that point would've been like 50% more than I was making. Only thing was it would've required a fairly small relocation. I told the hiring manager to give me 24 hours to discuss with my wife. I was like 99% on the yes decision, needed to get her involved because of moving the family. Next day hiring manager calls me and says the offer is on hold, internal memo came through, some major thing happening
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    Text - maejaws 17h Went skeet shooting with some friends. Bunch of high school kids next to me start fooling around with the gun and shoving each other to get photos. I take a few steps back and next thing know BANG, one of them accidentally shot the spot where I was standing. Shotgun shell dodged?
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    Text - The_bad_engineer 18h interviewed for this job that would require me to drive 200 miles into Mexico from the border in Arizona to this manufacturing plant about once a month. Traveling is fun for me so it seemed like a perk. Go through the interview with only meeting 2 people and wasn't given the chance to look around. Kind of had weird feelings when I talked to the people and seemed to get an offer really quickly which is kind of odd but whatever. Offer was meh and in the long run it just
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    Text - Venture334455 18h Was in a 4 year relationship which had over time become increasingly toxic. At the time I never saw how bad it was. We'd been 'trying' for a baby but never had any luck . Out of nowhere she breaks up with me, becomes the most vile, cruel and downright nasty human being known to man and gets pregnant to a fresh 18 year old (she is a long way past 18) Seeing the person she become just made me think to myself, 'imagine if you had a child with her, she would have fucking des
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    Text - googleyedjack 16h Working security on the east side of Vancouver this guy said he was going to stab me if I got any closer. I did not get any closer because l noticed some of the products falling out through a hole in his bag and almost all of them fell out. Ff 2 weeks same guy is arrested for stabbing a security guard that tried to stop him from stealing. Knife dodged
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    Text - Paladin_of_Freedom 14h A Samsung representative came to Walmart and asked us about what was going on. A lot of people she remembered working in electronics had left since she was here last, and she referred to my last boss by name. I told her my current boss took my last boss' place, and, in a split- second decision, I stopped there when I was going to tell her that I liked my old boss much better and that my current boss is a jerk. He was right behind me when I stopped talking.
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    Text - LOCKYIII 17h Broke up with my fiancee for the last time after she got mad at me for watching the matrix 2 because it "wasn't the best decision we could be making." She didn't mean anything about the quality of the movie. 210 Reply raindorpsonroses 16h What did she mean? 63 LOCKYIII 15h Just that it wasn't an appropriate movie to watch. This is also the same woman that wanted me to sell my Nissan 300ZX for a bigger car so we could have space for our groceries. Because apparently they would
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    Text - aghrivaine 15h Fell off of a mountain whilst in the Army. Bounced down the side of the cliff and skidded to a stop at the bottom. At first I thought I was dead, but it was just the wind knocked out of me. Took a shuddering breath and patted myself down, and feel something wet on my left thigh. Figure I'm bleeding. Can't turn on a flashlight because it's night and we're on patrol. Radio back to the platoon at the top, and they're like. "uhhh.. do you need medevac?" But I figure I'm in one
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    Text - houseshoes93 18h went out with some friends a few months back. We were all drinking, having a good time. One of them decides he wants to drive everyone back to his place, but I decided to call it a night & walk back to mine. The bar is only a 10 minute walk to my place so it wasn't a big deal. Next thing I know, I get a call from one of them saying they got in an accident. They crash into a building. Fortunately everyone's fine & only the car got destroyed, but it could have been worse
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    Text - sarahlvspickles 20h Almost had a romaine lettuce salad a week ago. Thank God I don't follow through with my diet goals. Could've killed me.
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    Text - Warriorette12 13h When my parents told me we had to leave Bahrain and go back to the US because my dad's assignment was over, I was devastated. Bahrain provided the best years of my childhood and I was very happy there. We happened to leave a month or two before the Arab Spring protests swept through the country so...yeah. I'd say multiple bullets were dodged.
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    Text - Lee_of_the_Stone 17h When I was about 15, I was hanging out with my dad at our family's small business when he went to get the mail. Only a couple steps from the mailbox, he dropped one of the pieces of mail. When he bent over to get it, a passing truck blew a tire and the tire went flying through the air right over my dad's head. The wind from its passing blew his hat off. The panic I felt is indescribable. If he hadn't dropped that piece of mail, the tire would have easily taken his hea
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    Text - noodlenugget 20h My obligation to the US Army ended 4 days before all of my friends in my last unit got orders for Iraq in 2003
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    Text - LakeWashington 15h I owned a bunch of excavators that I was renting out to others, a local church called and wanted to rent one. I gave them a price that was 1/2 off normal rental rate. They declined since they were really wanted me to not charge them at all They got some other company to do it for them. That unit was stolen that night.


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