I Can Has Cheezburger?

People Are In Love With This Fluffy Cat Starring At Netflix's New Documentary About Cat Shows

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    The show follows a group of contrasting personalities (judges and competitors) through the climax and conclusion of a season on Canada's competitive cat show circuit.

    What are their hopes, their dreams, and their motivations? We'll be with them through the preparation, the build up to the excitement of the show and the final triumph or 'cat-astrophe'. And of course we'll meet their cats.

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    String instrument accessory - Hailee Williams Follow @Hailee_Grace My depression: "now that you feel worthless, what do ya got for me today?" Netflix: Catwalk: Tales From The Cat Show Circuit Ме: IT'S GONNA BE FINEL
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    Text - mothman lover 2001 Follow @pitybat Not to be dramatic but Catwalk on netflix is the best thing I've ever watched and I need 50000 more hours of it 7:38 AM - 21 Jan 2019
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    Photo caption - Melanie Gill Man Follow @melgillman That Catwalk documentary on Netflix is a GIFT TO HUMANITY 32 years of judgang, this is one of the finest cats I've ever judged. have goosebumps 10:13 AM 20 Jan 2019 19,348 Retweets 76,457 Likes
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    Hair - Christopher Sebela Follow @xtop this CATWALK movie is pretty intense COMPETIT 1ON OH LA LA" [suspenseful western music] 9:25 PM 20 Jan 2019 kgirl 11 Retweets 58 Likes
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    Cat - ETLCatwalk on Netflix Follow @Catwalk_doc We all know Oh La La truly deserves the #OscarNoms @OMGitsfirefoxx Catwalk on @netflix #Oscars #Oscars2019 #OscarSnubs 9:57 AM 22 Jan 2019 2 Retweets 13 Likes
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    Photo caption - Anya Ow Follow @anyasy Behold the glory of this Netflix documentary, "Catwalk", about the Canadian cat show circuit... 32 years of judging, this is one of the finest cats I've ever judged. 12:58 PM 22 Jan 2019
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    Photo caption - natalie Follow @brassyn I watched this documentary simply to see this big chonkenfloof. If this was my cat I would laugh at it everyday as much as I loved it. The scene where it got blow-dried was a particular joy. #catwalk COMPETITTON "OH LA LA"
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    Cat - Sarah Lumen Heine Follow @ScribblingSarah Okay, I actually made a fanart drawing of Ohlala from the Catwalk Documentary on Netflix. What an ethereal beauty.


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