What Is Happening In This Extraterrestrial Photobomb?

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Photoshopped, or is this young business lady just unobservant as fu*k?

Either this Russian business lady photoshopped the sh*t out of this for the sake of a few (hundred) likes on her Facebook feed, or she actually flashed this selfie with an alien breathing down her neck.

Maybe this is why we haven't discovered proof of extraterrestrial life; the potential 'alien' in question sits right behind someone, and that person's too busy popping off selfies to notice some life defining, groundbreaking business.Viktor Lunev, commenting on behalf of a Russian aero-centre, said: 'Pilots and stewards are very superstitious and maybe there is a reason.' Yeah, or maybe this is real life, and the invasion's right round the corner Lunev.

Of course, maybe the poor galactic conquistador was just trying to commute to work in peace; who are we to stir up a feverish fuss about it?

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