Woman Who Thinks She's an Influencer Wants Hair Done For Cheap

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    cheap influencer - Text - 68% 12:31 92 Hi, I'm .I saw your post on twitter of hair and it's really pretty... how much is it to do something similar for me? 20:06 Hey! It costs £120. That includes the cost of my trip to your place. 20:08 That's pretty much. Can I pay £50 though? 20:10 No, £50 is too low. I can do it for £100 though just bc you're one of her friends referred you and she says 20:12 Can I pay £55? I'll tag you on IG and i have over 10k followers so you'll get great exposure 20 14 St
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    cheap influencer - Face - is my sister?? And she does my nails for free so I don't charge her either. Also, this is literally the cheapest you'lil find someone making hair around here so Lmaooo. Um take it or leave it 20:19 Come on... I've got tons of followers and you should be doing it free Cos I'll bring you a lot of clients but.. 'm giving you £55.. be grateful and accept it 20-19 Hard pass, mate 20 20 Okay fine... I'm gonna do this instead... should be like £45, Yh? 20:21
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    cheap influencer - Text - Okay fin...I'm gonna do this instead... should be like £45, Yh? LMAO 20:21 Girl, first of all, this is way more complex than hair and you're offering less??? the absolute LEASTI would do this hair for is £150 20:22 And tbh, I wouldn't do it for that price for you bc i don't like your tone 20:23 Oh fuck off, you dumb dt. I was only trying to help you out because you look broke anyway. I shouldn't even be paying anything Cos I'm really popular and so many people would lov
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    cheap influencer - Text - It's fine. 7:37 So can you still do the hair? 0738 For £150 I can 07:39 How about for £60? 07:40 For £60 I cannot. 0740 Oh, come on! £60 is great. I'm not being cheap or anything but it's a great deal for you. I'll recommend you to all my friends if you do it. 07 45 Actually you should totally be paying me for the PR I'm gonna give you 07:46 Oday You did not just ask me to take a 1 hour train do your hair for EIGHT HOURS, take another hour train back and do all of this
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    cheap influencer - Text - Would you charge Kim Kardashian £150? huh???? 07 54 You huh???? If you were gonna do Kim's hair knowing how much exposure she could give you.. would you charge her £150 too? 07 55 If you were gonna do Kim's hair knowing how much exposure she could give you.. would you charge her £150 too? Bitch are you Kim Kadarshian Imfao? 07:56 You Bitch are you Kim Kadarshian Imfao? Well, you just lost a whole lot of customers that I would have brought if you made my hair. 07:56
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    cheap influencer - Text - I deffo don't want any cheap ass 'customers' you'd have brought me so I basically just dodged a bullet. Don't text me again lol. 07 58 Stingy fucking ct. You're already making enough money it's not like you fucking spend it on yourself considering how you dress. I'm just asking for a little fucking discount but you're too entitled to give it. 09 25 I hope someone does this to you when you're broke 09 25
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