Man On Holiday In New Zealand, Lives To Regret Taking His Wife Adventuring Up The World's Steepest Street

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    Look at that beautiful grade. A+!

    picture house next to steepest street in New Zealand
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    Text - My wife and I were having a holiday in New Zealand's South Island, and visited Dunedin. I've been there a number of times and casually asked my wife: "Have you ever been to the world's steepest street?" "No." says she "Would you be interested in having a look?" says dunno" says she, in the often used tone of woman that clearly means No, but with words softer than a blunt refusal. Being the loving husband l am, knowing full well how much she hates heights, I take her words enthusiastic con
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    Text - Baldwin street in Dunedin is very steep. It doesn't look like it's too bad when your facing it, but soon as you drive up it (or walk, if you're particularly adventurous), it quickly becomes quite intimidating. Some facts: they couldn't use ordinary roading materials because of how steep it is, and the footpath/sidewalk is one very long staircase - it's too dangerous to have it flat. My wife quickly started to panic - but it was the sort of mid-level panic that me, as her husband, finds de
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    Text - Well, the mid-level panic quickly turned into full blown "I hate you" panic as the car lurched to the side as we turned to face the decent. The car was then pointing down at such an angle that you felt like it was impossible for the brakes to hold and that the car would simply fall uncontrollably. She had to cling onto the dashboard and everything else within reach to remain in her seat and she didn't trust her seat belt alone. We drove slowly down the street:
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    Text - "TOO FAST" "TOO FAST" *we came to a stop* "TOO FAST" Her eyes were clamped shut in such a way that I vas expecting a wonderful velcro-like tearing noise when she finally opened them.
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    Text - After 17 lunar months the road leveled out and we parked up. My wife was hyperventilating and punching me at the same time. It took her quite a while to calm down. After a few minutes I said "Well that was fun, want to go again" I slept in the car that night. TL:DR - took wife up the world's steepest street she had a panic attack and I became a victim of a woman's scorn.
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    Text - riceindabowl 5d I was in New Zealand for work last summer and visited that street! It is pretty steep and a few cars went up and down while I walked up haha. Pretty cool place! Images don't do the steepness justice.


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