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Bar Owners In Texas Launch Alcohol-Free Beer Crafted Just For Pups

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    The married couple decided to created Goody Boy after they noticed their older Rottweiler, Rocky, was having trouble digesting his food.

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    To ensure Rocky still got the protein and vitamins he needed to thrive, the Longs created their dog beers, which are pork, chicken, veggie and peanut based products packed with the essentials Rocky had trouble getting because of his sensitivity to food.

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    These drinks only contain ingredients that are safe and healthy for dogs, which mean there is no alcohol in these beers.

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    While these "beers" should not serve as a meal replacement, they can be a great addition to the menu for dogs who have digestive trouble like Rocky and a delicious treat for all other pooches. 

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    So far, four types of their beer is out on the market: IPA lot in the Yard, Mailman Malt Licker, Session Squirrel and the Crotch Sniffin' Ale.

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    The beers are are safe for humans to drink too, but you may find that you and your dogs have very different taste preferences.

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    So what started as a way to help their dog’s health actually took off and it's now available in bars!

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    Good Boy is available at stores throughout Houston and is also available for sale online for dog lovers who don't live in Texas

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