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Dog Lost In Severe Storm In Scotland Rescued By Inverness Coastguard Crew

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    Ben ran off while on a trip near Loch Avon, just before stormy conditions took hold on the following day.

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    Ben was spotted just as cloud cleared when the helicopter was circling overhead

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    The Inverness Coastguard crew was undertaking a winter training with a visitor from the helicopter base at Stag Rocks in the Cairngorms when they happened to luckily spot Ben. A Coastguard spokeswoman told BBC News: "The weather had luckily presented them an ideal window of opportunity to use the rest of their training time to rescue the dog."

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    Rescue mission afoot

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    Ben was on a narrow ledge above a 60m (200ft) vertical drop. The rescue team went down and brought the poor pup onboard. 

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    "The dog was terrified and cold, so it was flown to the nearby Glenmore Lodge who then rushed it to the Strathspey Vets."

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    Since then it is reported that Ben is doing well and has been happily reunited with his owner

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    Watch the dramatic rescue:

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