Turns out There's a Real Life School Modeled After Witcher 3 Where You Can Train and Battle Monsters as a Warrior

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Many gamers out there have enjoyed Witcher 3. The incessant string of Witcher 3 video game moment gifs definitely speaks to this fact; but it turns out there exists an elect pack of extremely committed fans that literally attend a Witcher school. Yep. The school's located in Poland, as is appropriate considering the game was created by Polish developers, and also based on the series of fantasy novels by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski.

Via: Piotr Muller

What's required to join in at the 'Witcher School'? “ You've got to be 18 years old. Three nights clocks in at the cost of 350 euros. This cost covers three nights at hotel in Grodziec Moszna, breakfast and dinners.

While staying at the 'Witcher School' you'll learn about sword fighting, archery, and signs; and eventually take on livin, breathin, grumblin monsters (actors dressed as monsters-still sounds like a wild fun time..).

For more info about the Witcher School, check out their site

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