Twitter Slide Tackles Male Soccer Player Who Says Turf Burn's Worse Than Period Pains

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    Text - X Follow sargee Until women experience this, I don't wanna hear about period pains.
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    Text - gigi saw cm x2a* Follow @quillmecarol Replying to @_sargee no uterus, no opinion.
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    Text - Kyle Follow @KylePlantEmoji Replying to @TasiaBass28 @_sargee LMAO. "I don't want to hear any woman talk about period pain. This professional athlete skinned his kmees"
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    Complain about it on Twitter apparently!

    Text - lav SAW CM 3x Follow @softerstark Replying to@_sargee oh no! what to do when you scrape a knee!
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    Text - Katelyn Burns Follow @transscribe Replying to@sargee This is.... nothing? Like you think turf burn is bad? Oh my sweet summer child.
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    And how about that for a twist development.

    Text - Kivan Beans Follow @KivaBay Replying to @transscribe @sargee skflsjdksdksdk kate the best part is... those knees belong to a woman i am CRYING

    See here for the picture being talked about. 

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    Text - Groovy Tasia Follow @TasiaBass28 Replying to@sargee I was 8 when I got my first turf burn on my knee. 20 yrs later, I still bear the scar. In HS I got a spike in my back. I've broken my thumb, gotten burned, and more. Yet NONE of those compared to my cramps from periods, which has made me pass out before. Sorry you're a wimp
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    Text - John Roushkolb Follow @jroushkolb Replying to @sargee In speaking with my wife, if you complain about this, you probably couldn't HANDLE period pain. At least this pain is something you get to choose.. Women don't necessarily get to opt out of that pain.
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    Text - Nnennatta korie Follow @_Neen17 Replying to @jroushkolb@_sargee PLEASE educate this child. Thank you for service.


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