Halo 5 Takes on Quidditch for One of the Most Magical Videos You'll See on the Internet Today

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Halo Forge mastermind xXHugabearXx forged a custom Grifball level and game mode to mirror the infamous Harry Potter game Quidditch. Though, in this case players use jetpacks instead of broomsticks, but the rules of the Halo 5 Quidditch game are very similar to the original.

-Players are allotted three points for throwing the ball through one of the rival team's hoops, and one point for killing a player on the opposing team with a gravity hammer.

-The first team to hit 15 points is victorious.

Unfortunately, there's no version of the Golden Snitch in this game; and there's no assigned positions, but a team could definitely assign positions on their own. Players eager to try out this game mode in Halo 5: Guardians simply need search for the new level "Quidditch Arena' and the game mode "Quidditch."

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