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The Cassowary Is One Of The Worlds Most Dangerous Bird (7 Images)

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    "The Cassowary is mostly native to the tropical forests of Australia , and it doesn't care who you are. The Cassowary is just out to get you."

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    "The Cassowary standing six foot tall, weighing 85 kg looks like the bastard offspring of a pie and a cake."

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    "The cassowary is so fierce, that it holds the air hostage, so it does not have to breathe."

    Bird - en Witsan Photogrenn
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    "The Cassowary hates you with deep animal hatred. If it could, it would take away your freedom."

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    "Injuries they cause in humans are puncture wounds, lacerations, bone fractures, post traumatic stress disorder and possible death."

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    "Australia used to have Lions who tried to hunt the Cassowary. At present time there are no Lions in Australia."

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    "A sure way to provoke the Cassowary is to be born."



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