These 10 Social Media "Hacks" Are Totally Worth Your Time

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    When Crayola Had its Facebook Page Hacked by Horned-Up 12-Year-Old Boys

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    As evidenced by the tweet at the end there, Crayola has since apologized for the off-color content. What shade of red do you think their social media team is right about now?
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    Somebody Went Out With a Bang on College Humor's Social Media Team

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    Either that or they're stepping up the "Awkward Fake Twitter Hack" game. In which case, slow clap for all parties involved.
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    That's the Cotton-Scented Secret

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    Why Neil Young?

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    The hacker spammed artist Neil Young's twitter feed with WARNING pics and links (and retweets from infamous pr0n sites) before being taken down. The power of social media, everyone!
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    The Hacking is Fake, The Pwning is Real

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    TWC News Austin's Dong-tastic "Accidental" Tweet

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    The tweet in question has since been taken down and TWC Austin has issued an apology. It's unclear if this was the result of a hacked or hijacked account, a vengeful employee, or what. Either way, TWC News Austin's 33,000 Twitter followers got an extra helping of meat this week.
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    The Spam Bots Are Becoming Self Aware

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    When the Ku Klux Klan Promised "Lethal Force" Against Ferguson Protesters, Anonymous Struck Back

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    Over the weekend, reports emerged that the Ku Klux Klan passed out fliers and warnings indicating they would enact "lethal force" against Ferguson protesters should they display aggression in response to the grand jury hearing of the Michael Brown shooting.

    Hactivist group Anonymous did not take kindly to these threats.

    As of the morning November 16, the Ku Klux Klan still had control over their own tweets, as you're seeing from their official Twitter feed here (who knew that abject hate could be so tuned in to social media trends?). Just later that evening Anonymous seized the Twitter account to use to their own ends, changing its profile picture to their own iconic image and tweeting things like this:

    The moral of the story is the same as always: Just don't bother getting on Anonymous's bad side.
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    That One Time Hackerz Got to Taylor Swift's Social Media Accounts

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    The Lizard Squad group, who brought down PSN the other month and the Malaysia Airlines website just last week, are back again. This time it's Taylor Swift, the radically positive writer of pop earworms. What could her password have been? Something tells me shakeshakeshake would have been too obvious...

    Update: Swift is back in control of her social media after this little snafu, claiming that any potentially compromising photos following this hack are fake (fake fake):

    Meanwhile, alleged screencaps of her DMs have showed up, conversing in a totally normal way with Nick Jonas, PewDiePie and musician BØRNS. The stars, they DM pointless crap JUST LIKE US.

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    Naw. That Was Actually Me

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