Hysterical Twitter Thread Shows Just How Delusional Ad Companies Are About Understanding Women (18 Tweets)

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    twitter post picture of woman in bath with tray and coffee The people who manufacture bathtub trays seem to have no idea what women actually do in the bath and I find that strangely comforting
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    twitter post Love sitting in a bubble bath with a glass of wine and a [checks notes] small undressed salad woman in bath with tray wine salad and ipad
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    twitter post picture of bath trat with ipad coffee wine rose petals You know it's not a complete bath without a glass of red wine, a tiny latte, and an empty mug. Ambience brought to you by a phone video of a woman playing a ukulele and a handful of rose petals where your undressed salad normally goes
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    twitter post picture of bath tray with ipad martini candle As a woman, I enjoy painting my nails in the bathtub while simultaneously grabbing handfuls of cornflakes, reading about global warning, and watching people playing lady and the tramp with a giant sandwich
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  • 5
    twitter post woman in bath with tray martini ipad This company has figured out what women really want while bathing: half a bottle of j'adore perfume to continually spray while nomming on cherries and sipping an electric blue cocktail
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    twitter post woman in bath with ipad wine cocktail grapes The EXCESS in this photo! White AND red wine! Green AND purple grapes! Eight kinds of cheese! And the piece de resistance...not one, but TWO phones
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    twitter post bath tray with ipad food moisturiser Look if you're not chowing down on waffles and hot dogs while gazing at stock photography of the ocean then what are you even doing
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  • 8
    twitter post woman in empty bath with tray writing in book Apparently the water part is optional.
  • 9
    old fashioned drawing of woman in the bath writing books twitter post
  • 10
    twitter post In short I have learned that I am apparently bathing all wrong and will rectify this immediately
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  • 11
    twitter post What gets me about this one is the teeny tiny flower arrangement-- that seems to include a tiny patch of living grass-- that she specifically and intentionally put on her bath tray to improve her relaxation experience
  • 12
    twitter post lol I love that she is drinking both a latte and wine
  • 13
    twitter post Nothing like that refreshing blend of stimulant and depressant.
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  • 14
    twitter post rookie mistake is to make the latte art before getting into the bath
  • 15
    twitter post picture of bath tray covered in lego the reality
  • 16
    twitter pos The male version should include a small lathe, a walkie-talkie, some WD40 and a roll of duct tape. )
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  • 17
    twitter post Undressed salad is relentlessly amusing, thus making it the perfect tool to unwind after a stressful day.
  • 18
    twitter post Where's the bowl of chicken nuggets


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