Why Couldn't THIS Be Bunnelby's Evolution?

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Fan Art bunnelby - 8093504768
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Once there was a Bunnelby who lived his life on top of the Ugly Tree, a tree as tall as a Red Wood. Whenever he got hungry, he would eat the tree's Ugly Fruit. One day he got so fat from eating all of the Ugly Fruit that the branch he perched himself upon could no longer sustain his weight, causing it to snap in two. The chubby Bunnelby fell and hit every thorny branch of the Ugly Tree on the way down. He landed on the ground face first and created a large hole in the dirt. When he finally mustered enough strength to plop himself out of the hole, a large ring of dirt came out with him surrounding his waist like a big filthy belt. This is how Diggersby was created. Diggersby, I acknowledge that you are by far the best of the fully evolved "Basic Rodents", but you are still really, really ugly.

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