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Man Who Fed Family Of Crows For Years Starts Receiving Beautiful Gifts From Them

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    Text - Stuart Dahlquist @StuartDahlquist We've been feeding a small family of four crows (mated pair and their two year old kids) for several years. Last week two days in a row they left these gifts, pull tabs threaded onto pine twigs. This isn't only generous, it's creative, it's art. My mind is blown. 33.4K 1:26 AM Mar 24, 2019 9,685 people are talking about this

    It all started when the crows made a nest in his front yard. One day he saw that both crow babies had fallen from the nest and weren't really able to fly, "We got them into a tree and the parents – pretty angry with us actually – took it from there and the little ones survived. We began feeding them soon after."

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    In an interview with BoredPanda, Stuart said, "Birds – all kinds – have been a real focal part of my life; I love watching them, listening to their calls, identifying them… Oh! And helping them if they need help ... I'm not a real 'birder' with high powered binoculars or anything like that but they play an outsized role in my enjoyment of life."

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    "Sometimes when I'm walking they'll fly with me, landing on the wires and branches above as I amble along." Stuart continued, "When we get home they like to land on the fence and wait to be fed." "Other times they simply "Caw! Caw!" at us… It's pretty obvious when they want food."

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    Text - Stuart Dahlquist @StuartDahlquist I finally read a few of the responses to our crow gifts and the burning question seems to be 'what do you feed them?'. They really like high quality dry cat food, something with a lot of protein and very little filler, lots of meat, no corn. Oddly crows aren't fond of corn 30 9:53 PM Mar 28, 2019 See Stuart Dahlquist's other Tweets
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    None of the birds Stuart had rescued were taken from their parents. Stuart says, "They came to us as hurt, of having fallen from the nest and couldn't be returned, or had been abandoned. Please don't ever take a chick from its nest." This crow here is named Buddy, a rescue crow with a broken wing.

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    Text - misery is the river of the world @antinostalgist Replying to @StuartDahlquist I will never forget your kindness when you came over to my place to help me with that crow, you were so calm and collected and I was a bit of a wreck. Crows obviously love you! 224 3:35 AM - Mar 24, 2019 See misery is the river of the world's other Tweets
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    Text - Stuart Dahlquist @StuartDahlquist Replying to @antinostalgist He lived in our bathroom for several days, a really calm crow. Nursed him back and he seemed healed When we released him there were three or four crows watching us, and as he took off they greeted him. It was fucking awesome. 697 3:46 AM - Mar 24, 2019 See Stuart Dahlquist's other Tweets
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    Text - Oz-9 @Oz9podcast Replying to @StuartDahlquist I think you might be engaged 143 4:28 AM - Mar 25, 2019 See Oz-9's other Tweets
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    Text - thegriffin88 @thegriffin88 Replying to @StuartDahlquist @emiface Crows have roughly the intelligence of a 3 year old human and are capable of perceiving depth. They've been known to use tools and can solve complex puzzles. I love them. 77 1:44 AM - Mar 25, 2019 See thegriffin88's other Tweets
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    Text - OHMYemi @ Commissions @emiface Replying to @thegriffin88 @StuartDahlquist I love these little goth feather angels 106 1:47 AM - Mar 25, 2019 See OHMYemi @ Commissions's other Tweets
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    Text - Fiona Morrison @fionalmorrison Replying to @StuartDahlquist We have 2 resident crows (Russell & Sheryl) who leave us shiney pebbles on the path now and again We whistle every time we leave our food for them and last year we were positive that they mimicked the sound when their fledgling was brought to our garden! We love them 97 5:47 AM - Mar 25, 2019 See Fiona Morrison's other Tweets
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    Text - JaneV @mulberryjane Replying to @StuartDahlquist That's so beautiful. The best I get is my fox bringing the bones back from the meat I've left him and putting them on the tree stump as if to say 'thanks, more please' 268 10:52 PM - Mar 24, 2019 See JaneV's other Tweets
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    Text - Duchessofdp@yahoo.com @duchessofdp Replying to @StuartDahlquist Crows are amazing! We once nursed an injured chick for several days. The mama never left our yard. On release day, the baby squawked, mama responded and the sky was soon filled with crows! Hundreds circled overhead while a couple helped. They stayed til mama and baby joined them! V164 4:42 AM Mar 25, 2019 See Duchessofd p@yahoo.com's other Tweets
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    Text - lan Adams @lanForrestAdams Replying to @StuartDahlquist We fed several local crows peanuts for a while. One day, I came out to find my car had a primary crow feather very neatly stuck under one of my windshield wipers. 54 4:09 AM - Mar 25, 2019 See lan Adams's other Tweets
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    Text - Haze Sommer @grm_chikn Replying to @StuartDahlquist my crows brought me a crab and a berry and now follow me every time i go for walks after i saved their baby last year <3 44 9:23 AM - Mar 25, 2019 See HazeSommer's other Tweets
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    Text - Seattle JC @Seattle JC Replying to @StuartDahlquist I once fed an outdoor cat who would leave gifts of dead mice on the patio. There would always be more than one of them, perfectly arranged, horizontally, with the heads up and the tails down, spaced somewhat equally. 30 12:08 AM - Mar 25, 2019 Seattle, WA See Seattle JC's other Tweets


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