Watch the Iron Man 3 Stuntman Luke Aikins Successfully Skydive From 25,000 Feet Into a Net Wearing Nothing but Clothes on His Back

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Over his 26-year-career Luke Aikins has landed over 18,000 jumps. Aikins has worked as a stuntman in Ironman 3 and Godzilla. Thing is, this jump was a whole different story from the get-go; this time Aikins had every intention to take the dive with no parachute, wearing nothing but the clothes on his back.

Unfortunately, the SAG-AFTRA Union voiced safety concerns and they weren't going to allow their members to work on the show unless Aikins wore a parachute...(booooo)

So, Aikins conceded, donned the parachute, and as fate would have it, a last second break in the restrictions -- while he was in the damn air, no less -- allowed for him to complete his dive without the parachute! He took it off immediately, and boom. Just plain old, balls to the wall, epic.

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