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For 5,000 Retweets This Comedian Got a Donald Trump Sucking a D*ck Tattoo, Like For Real

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    Earlier this year Daniel's started trolling Trump with an impromptu 50 Shades of Grey erotica

    Text - Elijah Daniel @aguywithnolife i'm going to get drunk tonight and write an entire donald trump sex novel like 50 shades of grey & put it on amazon tomorrowi swear to god. RETWEETS LIKES 4,009 6,444 5:25 PM-20 Jan 2016 17 Elijah Daniel @aguywithnolife Jan 31 that time I became a best selling author because I wrote a 20 page trump erotic novel amazon Tweet Elijah Daniel yitholfe Look insideTrump Temptation: TRUMP The Billionaire & The Bellboy im going to get drunk tonight and write an entire
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    Last month Daniel's decided to make his Trump mark a bit more permanent

    Drawing - Elijah Daniel @aguywithnolife 5k retweets and i'll get a tattoo of donald trump sucking a dick on my leg RETWEETS LIKES 6,003 3,050 3:01 PM-14 May 2016 17 Elijah Daniel @aguywithnolife May 15 ok which tattoo artist in la wants to do this & live stream it? im ready to disappoint my parents even more than i already have. 17 180 933 Elijah Daniel @aguywithnolife May 17 Will be livestreaming myself getting the tattoo of Donald Trump sucking a dick this Friday night from @iamhuka. HOPE YALL
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    @Midnight had a few clever cover up ideas, in case Daniel's had regrets later

    Tattoo - @midnight @midnight May 23 @aguywithnolife @realDonaldTrump no pressure but we came up with some tasteful coverups, should the situation arise WHEE t166 697


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