TikTokers are Hilariously Ragging on Justin Bieber's New Song "I Feel Funny"


The newest song by Justin Bieber “I Feel Funny” has fans so confused right now. Some say Bieber did it as a joke and others think he's just lost his mind. It definitely feels more like a joke, but technically he never officially explains that it is… So, we're all just left wondering right now. 


The video and song were released as a teaser for his next big new video by the same director. Even fans who are sure this is a joke are still confused. It's just so unbearably bad, it's like… why? But then again, other longterm Bieber fans say that him releasing a joke song is completely on brand for him. Whatever the truth is, TikTokers are loving bashing the song.


“I Feel Funny” by Justin Bieber 


It's rare to find a TikToker who actually enjoys the song. Many are posting about how they're trying really hard to like it because they're big Beliebers, but they just can't do it. It's too painful for the 'ole ear holes. 


Jaw Droppingly Terrible Song

It's so bad it's almost impressive. Almost. 


Pisces Should Feel Embarrassed

Hopefully if you're a pisces you haven't heard this yet. 


This Song's a Meme, Right?

Memes are always evolving—now we've got a pop star making a song meme. 


Trying Hard to Enjoy It

Justing Bieber Fans: Yay! New Song! Also Justin Bieber Fans: Why have you forsaken us??


This Isn't Even a Funny Joke…

Even if this is an intentional joke, like… at what cost? Our ears can never unheard that garbage. 


Like a Conversation with a Wall

Who the hell talks like this??


Everyone Who Worked on the Song

Even the producers are confused. 


Upsets Cats

Even cats can't stand this thing…


Drunk Girl Uber

This TikToker points out that the lyrics sound like some drunk girl in the back of an Uber and it is a spot-on observation. 


Blind React

Funny prank. You might be traumatized though. 


Classic Pisces 

Anyone who knows horoscopes knows that this is pretty much on brand. 


Who Allowed this to Happen?

Everyone must've just been in a silly goofy mood…


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