10 Of The Biggest Game Of Thrones Fails

  • 1

    Starbucks is popping off in the Seven Kingdoms right now.

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  • 2

    Never forget that time Patagonia Bro made an appearance.

  • 3

    How about Season 1, Episode 10 breaking out a George Bush mask for a gnarly scene?

  • 4

    Let us never forget Tyrion Lannister's smooth movin napkin magic routine.

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  • 5

    Some technical difficulties.

  • 6

    How about the whip suddenly transforming into a dagger? Didn't see that one coming.

  • 7

    So Dany was immune to the toxic effects of the very contagious greyscale disease then?

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  • 8

    Well that body count via Barristan Selmy and Greyworm shrunk out of nowhere.

  • 9

    Jon Snow's scars are the real mystery of Game of Thrones.

  • 10

    What ya'll know about that Valyrian Rubber? Strongest battle material in the Seven Kingdoms!


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