Nintendo Knocked Off the List of the World's Top Brands for the First Time

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The list of the world's top brands no longer includes Nintendo
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For the first time since the list of the world's top brands creation, Nintendo is no longer on it.
Br> According to Destructoid:

Interbrand says Nintendo is not one of the top 100 brands in the world anymore [audible gasp from the audience]. This is the first time the Japanese developer/publisher/platform-holder has been excluded from the list since the list came about in 2001.

Interbrand justifies the snub by saying that Nintendo is not keeping up with changes in people's lives. Specifically, it points to Nintendo's unwillingness to jump into the mobile gaming scene earlier than it did. Outfits like Amazon and Facebook were cited as examples of companies that increased their brand's value by rapidly adopting new trends.

As is to be expected, Interbrand's list is topped by two juggernauts. Apple's brand was valued at an estimated $170 billion, followed by Google's $120 billion. I've heard of those two companies! The list works!

Better luck next year, I suppose.

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